10 Chrome Extensions Every Blogger and Internet Marketer Should Have

If you’re an affiliate marketer, blogger, freelance writer, or if you do any type of work online or from home, you know that the most important thing is TIME. Since you’re not working any set hours, you want to do as much as possible in as little time as possible, which will give you more financial freedom.

So today I’m going to show you 10 essential Chrome extensions that every internet marketer, blogger, and writer should use. I use these extensions myself – I hardly ever use my Windows Machine, and I spend most of my time on my Chromebook. So Chrome extensions are an important way us for Chromebook users to get things done. However, even if you do work on a Windows or Mac, these browser extensions will save you a lot of time and effort!

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Nimbus Screen and Video Capture

Want to take screenshots the smart way? If you’re doing reviews of digital products, of if you want to write a blog and show a screenshot of a certain website, this is absolutely necessary. With Nimbus, you can take screenshots of any part of the screen or webpage. You can take a screenshot of a selected area, you can scroll down or up to fit more into the screenshot, or you can just choose to capture the entire page or the entire visible part of the page.

Next, just click the edit button and you’ll be able to edit your screenshot like a pro! You can blur out certain areas, add all sorts of arrows in all sorts of colors, you can create circles, squares and ovals, you can add text and chat boxes, and so much more!

Not only that, but Nimbus lets you take video screen captures — for FREE. You can do video reviews or video tutorials, record your screen and your voice, and upload them to Youtube without downloading any software! This is very useful for affiliate marketers who are doing product reviews or bloggers who are doing tutorials.

chrome extensions for bloggers


Want to easily share any post you are reading to all of your social channels at once? With Hootsuite, just click the Hootsuite extension icon and you can do that! You can choose which channels to share it on, and you can schedule a set time for it to be sent out as well! You can also use their autoschedule tool to schedule it in advance easily.

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For those who don’t know, Sniply is a cool little link shortener — with a twist. Not only can you shorten links, but you can add your own little advertisement on any webpage you want to share! This is a great way to share valuable content on social media and STILL monetize it. With the Sniply extension, you can shorten any link from your clipboard or the link of the webpage you are on by just clicking a few buttons (in the screenshot, I use my site as an example, but you can use anyone’s site that’s not your own).

Not only that, but the Sniply extension integrates with Hootsuite! When using the Hootsuite extension to share a URL (or when doing it straight from Hootsuite.com), you’ll find a little Sniply icon and you can snip it right away and put an advertisement on the webpage you are sharing.

A great way to send traffic to your affiliate links or blog!


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Want to proofread your articles, but you write in WordPress and not in Microsoft Word? No worries! Grammarly is a free extension that automatically proofreads EVERYTHING you write in the browser, whether in WordPress, Facebook or Gmail. 

You’ll get corrections for spelling mistakes — and grammar mistakes as well! Mistakes will be underlined in red and suggestions will pop up when you click on them. You can choose to write in American OR British English.

Not only that, but you can double-click on any word on any webpage to discover definitions and synonyms.

A must for every writer and blogger! Sign up for free at Grammarly.com.

keywords everywhere review

Keywords Everywhere

Who wants to waste time typing keywords into slow keyword tools? All you want to do is find a keyword that gets enough monthly searches to make your cut. You don’t want to keep switching from your Google.com search suggestions and your keyword tool — and now you don’t have to!

Keywords Everywhere is a very useful Chrome and Firefox extension that basically lets you do keyword research straight from Google.com. Just type any keyword into the search bar, and keyword search data will appear right below it! You’ll get three important nuggets of data: How many searches a month the keyword gets, the average cost per click in Adwords, and a competition score for PPC. You won’t get an SEO competition score, but you can use one of the other extensions I’ll show you – the MOZBar extension – to help you out with that.

In addition, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and look at the search suggestions that Google gives you — and you’ll get search metrics for them as well! How cool is that?

The third thing you can do is highlight any text, right click, and get search data that way.

chrome extensions for internet marketers

MOZ Toolbar

The MOZ Toolbar lets you discover metrics about any site you are on. Find out information such as the domain authority, the page authority, the spam score, and on page SEO elements. You can also highlight any links on any webpage to find out if they are external or internal, and whether they are dofollow or nofollow.

In addition, whenever you do a search in Google, you will see the domain authority of each website as well as how many backlinks each result has. This is a great way to measure SEO competitiveness — if you see that the websites that are ranking on the first page of Google have a low domain authority and almost no backlinks, then you have a good chance of outranking them. Use this tool in conjunction with Keywords Everywhere.

chrome extensions for internet marketers

Similar Web

Similar Web lets you find out traffic data for any site. You can find out how many searches it gets per month, where its traffic is coming from, which keywords are driving traffic for organic SEO, which paid keywords they are using, which countries its visitors are located, and much more! This is a great way to do some research on your competition.

SEO Serp

Ever wanted a quick way to find out where in Google you are ranking for a particular keyword? This nifty little extension will do it for you! Just enter any keyword and any site, and the tool will tell you which position in Google that website is ranking for that keyword. It will also give you a list of the top 10 websites that are ranking for that keyword. You can do country specific searches too.

chrome extensions for writers, bloggers and online marketers
Momentum Dash

If you work online, you need a way to stay organized. Momentum Dash is the perfect tool for that. It’s basically a way to customize your Chrome homepage. You will get a new beautiful background image each day, along with the time, local weather, and a daily motivational quote (you can turn these off). In the bottom-right corner, there is an area where you can write your to-do list. If you have certain tasks that you need to do, like write a blog post, respond to emails, etc, just write them down and check them off one by one.


Lazarus Form Recovery

Do you ever hate when you’re writing something and then the computer crashes and you have to write it all over again? Whether you’re writing an article or a blog comment, it’s annoying. Lazarus Form Recovery is a cool little tool that will automatically save anything you type. When you go back to that same form (such as a blog commenting area), you can click on the Lazarus icon in the top right corner of the form and restore one of the previous versions of what you wrote there. This tool isn’t perfect, so I saved it for last. 


  1. Prathik

    I would also include DrumUp to this impressive ensemble. It is an efficient social media management tool which also features a Chrome extension.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Prathik,

      Thanks for adding that on 🙂

      I just tried DrumpUp out and I really like it. It really saves me time from having to search for content to share on social media. All you have to do is click the extension and it will find related content for you to share, or just go to their dashboard and they’ll find content related to keywords you entered when you signed up.

      All the best!

  2. Matthew Owen

    I am currently using grammarly but I haven’t heard of any of the other chrome extensions.
    Which one do you find the best and easiest to use?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Matthew,

      They are all easy to use! That’s the point of the article – instead of having to go to various websites to do each thing, you can do it straight from your browser bar by just clicking icons 🙂


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