$100 CPA Daily Review — Realistic Expectations?

In this $100 CPA Daily review, I’ll go into what the product is all about, whether it is worth it, and whether you will really learn how to earn $100 with CPA marketing every single day.

$100 CPA Daily Review, Summarized

$100 CPA Daily is a training ebook that has 58 pages and 11 chapters. It was created by Glynn Kosky and his brother, Leigh Kosky. It takes you through how to create an internet marketing funnel and promote affiliate products. You’ll also get access to Glynn’s previous training courses at no additional fee.

Now for the long review.

$100 CPA Daily – Make a Benjamin Every Day?

$100 CPA Daily is basically an ebook that takes you through how to set up a landing page, how to build a list, how to set up your autoresponder, how to set up your email marketing sequence, how to get traffic, how to promote affiliate offers, and more.

Here are what the chapters contain:

  1. Introduction
  2. Building a List
  3. The Funnel
  4. Funnel Offers
  5. Email Marketing Systems & Autoresponder
  6. Landing Pages
  7. Website and Email
  8. Autoresponder Email Sequence
  9. Traffic
  10. Testing
  11. Conclusion

It’s an ok training course. Glynn has released similar products in the past, but most of his products are in video format. If you are into reading ebooks rather than watching videos, then this is for you. You can probably save some time this way.

My problem is that the course doesn’t really go that much into CPA marketing. With a name like $100 CPA Daily, you’d think a large portion of the training is devoted to how to get started with CPA networks.

Usually, CPA affiliate marketing (Cost Per Action) is used to differentiate from regular affiliate marketing. Regular affiliate marketing products pay you commissions on sales you make, while CPA offers pay you a few dollars for every email signup (also called leads) that you bring them. For example, a survey site might pay you $3 for every new user you bring them.

Clickbank, JVZoo and Warrior Plus all pay you only if you bring in a sale. The advantage of CPA is that while you get paid less per action, you also don’t have to sell anything and it can be easier to get people to sign up to a free account as opposed to buying something.

However, the section on CPA marketing is very brief. Glynn actually starts off with recommending that you promote Warrior Plus, JVZoo and Clickbank products, saying that they are CPA offers because CPA just means Cost Per Action, and that an “action” can also mean a sale. He then gives you short a list of real CPA networks, such as MaxBounty and Peerfly. So I wasn’t so happy with that.

As for the “$100 Daily” part, I’m sure you understand that it is something that is possible if you work hard on your online business. There is no secret hack that will suddenly bring in a hundred bucks a day. If you follow the steps laid out in the ebook and you build your funnel, you can eventually scale to $100 a day. The sales page says you can make money tonight, and that you only need to put in 20 minutes a day, and while that is possible, we all know that it is really the regular hype found on internet marketing training courses’ sales pages. 

The Product Vault

As a customer of $100 CPA Daily, you will get access to Glynn Kosky’s product vault. Glynn has released many products in the past. He has over 15 training courses on Warrior Plus, and you will get ALL of them if you are a customer of $100 CPA Daily. So this is a pretty good deal, considering that he is still selling most of these other courses as standalone products.

So, Is $100 CPA Daily Legit or a Scam? Can It Really Be True?

$100 CPA Daily is an okay product. It is a solid ebook training and it is worth the price, in my opinion — especially considering the free product courses you are getting as a bonus. It isn’t perfect, but you’ll get lots of training for a very low price of $7.97.

I do want to mention that Glynn has other products that also give you access to his product vault! This means that if you get one of those other products, you will also get access to $100 CPA Daily as part of the product vault. If you want to save around six dollars, you can get Six Figure Influx, which is another Glynn Kosky product that offers you access to the product vault (including $100 CPA Daily). Six Figure Influx only costs $1.97.

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  1. Trevor

    Sounds like a great training at $8. Im specifically interested in the email funnel as this is one area i’m short of knowledge on. Thanks for point this out as its always hard knowing what to believe online. Did you use this ebook to set up your email funnel?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Trevor,

      I actually had my funnel set up beforehand 🙂

      But if you’re a newbie at this, then this is definitely a good source of information.

      All the best,


  2. Matt

    Hey Ben,

    Great review! I always seem to get caught up in the hype that these products are trying to stir up, even though I know better. I have to say it seems like a good addition to my library even with the okay rating rather than great, just to get access to all of Glynn’s products. I will definitely be using your tip to buy the Six Figure Influx if I do buy. After all, 6 bucks may be small, but those small savings add to my profits in the long run.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Matt,

      Glad you liked it. Hype is all the norm with internet marketing training courses, so there is nothing we can do about it except take everything with a grain of salt. Money amounts earning claims on sales pages are as trustworthy as the kid whose hand is in the cookie jar, yet denies eating them.

      All the best,



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