10KHits Review — Is It BOGUS TRAFFIC?

10khits reviewWho doesn’t want extra traffic for their site? The #1 reason that internet business fail is the lack of traffic. It’s understandable that people search for easy ways to get loads of traffic. In this 10KHits review, you’ll find out if using 10KHits is indeed a good way to get traffic to your site.

10KHits: What Is It?

10KHits is a traffic exchange. You visit my site, and I’ll visit yours. For every site that you visit, you’ll earn points. You can use these points to get traffic to your own site. Every point is worth one traffic visit that’s 10 seconds long. 10kHits has been around since 2011, and claims to have sent over 20 billion hits to various sites.

You can also purchase traffic if you want to spend your money instead of your time. Monthly plans are $10/month for 50,000 hits and $29/month for 200,000 hits. There are also pay-as-you-go plans, which start at 50,000 hits for $7 and go up to one million hits for $68.

Is The Traffic You’ll Get Any Good or Is It BOGUS?

The first thing you have to know about 10KHits is that you don’t have to actually visit websites in order to earn points. All you have to do is start “surfing” and the software will bring up and show you one website after another without you having to click anything. You can either do this online or by downloading their desktop application.

My point is that you can let this thing run in the background all day long and earn hundreds of points. In fact, that’s probably what most users do. Actually, you can have multiple surfing session run on different tabs. Besides, there are probably thousands of bots using the system.

I took a look at my Google Analytics account to see stats about the traffic coming from 10KHits. What I found didn’t shock me. The average session duration was listed as less than one second, with a bounce rate of over 90 percent. Google Analytics also shows me around half the number of visits that 10KHits says I got.

This just shows that the traffic I got from 10KHits is really garbage. It’s either bots or people letting the software run in the background. I doubt you’ll get a SINGLE conversion, even if you go with the monthly plans and order thousands of hits.

10khits review

Is There Any Reason NOT to Use 10KHits?

I know what you’re thinking: “Yes, it probably won’t bring in many conversions, but hey, it’s only $10 a month! Surely I can get at least a few real people and perhaps a few real email signups?”.

The truth is that if you have a single-page website that’s designed to get people to sign up to your list, and your traffic comes from places other than Google, Yahoo and Bing, then you do have a point. (It probably won’t be worth it anyway, but hey, you can certainly chuck out $10 and try).

But if you want a good SEO score, stay away from 10KHIts. Google will see that you have a high bounce rate, a low session duration rate, and thousands of spammy visits from bots, and they’ll probably lower your rankings or even penalize your site. Don’t try out the quicksand, because you may get sucked in.

So, Is 10KHits Any Good? Can It Really Be True?

10KHits does what you’d expect from a traffic exchange: Send thousands of low-quality traffic to your site that for the most part, isn’t real and is just bots.

If you’re looking for REAL traffic, there’s no way out of it. You either need to focus on free traffic via SEO or social media, which takes time, or paid ads, which takes money. There’s no easy way out. There are no quick fixes, sorry.

I’m also concerned about the fact that before you start surfing, 10KHits warns you that you should have your antivirus activated and that they are not responsible for anything that you visit. I think that there is a real concern here that hackers are using 10KHits to get people to visit malicious sites that will download malware to your computer.

What are your thoughts about 10KHits? Is it worth a try? Let the world know below!


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  1. gerard

    Be aware, it’s a scam website.
    The traffic is fake and the website forces to buy packages (don’t pay any package with paypal, don’t even pay for a $2 packages because the following month they will take from you $68… and you won’t be able to get refunded).


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