2 Day Profits Review – Will You Make Money “2-Day” (Today)?

2 Day Profits is a new product that’s popular on Warrior Plus. It stands for “2-Day Profits” — as in, you can make money “today”. But does it work? Can you really make money 2-day with the method it teaches? I bought 2 Day Profits and here is my review.

2 day profits review

What Method Does 2 Day Profits Teach?

2 Day Profits is short training course that focuses on getting paid for CPA leads. In case you don’t know, CPA is a type of affiliate marketing – but instead of getting paid a commission when you make a sale, you get paid a set price every time you get someone to sign up to a program.

Specifically, 2 Day Profits focuses on a site called Yoonla, which has an affiliate program that pays $4 per for leads that come from Tier-1 countries (United States, United Kingdom, etc) and $2 for leads that come from other countries (Venezuela, Pakistan, etc). If a lead upgrades to a paid membership, you get $30 in commissions.

Basically, the method is to build an email list and get back the money you spent on solo ads by getting your subscribers to sign up to Yoonla. You’ll get paid $2-$4 for each lead, so it’s a good way to recoup the money you spent on solo ads. In addition, you can promote Yoonla via cheap PPC traffic methods, which can be very profitable if you know what you’re doing.

2 day profits reviewIs That All?

Besides this basic method, there are also many free bonus courses, PDFs and training videos that focus on getting free and paid traffic. I actually learnt some really cool stuff from those videos; I already knew about Yoonla so I actually learned more from the bonus videos. There are also various other free bonuses, some of which require you to sign up to an email list.

In addition, there are some upgrades you can make. One is to get a prewritten 20-part email series that promote Yoonla; you can use these in your autoresponder when people sign up to your list.

Another upsell is a copy the exact funnel that the owners of 2 Day Profits use to get people to sign up to their list and to promote Yoonla. You’ll also get a list of the cheap paid traffic sources that they have been using.

So, Is 2 Day Profits a Scam or Legit? Can It Really Be True?

I honestly think the training is a little sketchy; I already knew about Yoonla and the course basically just tells you about Yoonla. The bonus training and guides are high-quality and did help to make up for the price (which is around $6 for the frontend product). However, I got the feeling that the course basically served as a way to get me to sign up to Yoonla and various other email lists, so that the owners earn money, with some bonuses stuffed in. Perhaps you’ll find more value in the upsell if you’re willing to pay for the 20 prewritten email swipes. 

In addition, the sales page claims you don’t need to do SEO, Youtube traffic, PPC, have a list or have a budget to make money with this; I don’t see why this is so. If you have no traffic, you can’t make money with CPA because you can’t get leads. In addition, the sales page says it’s a brand-new method, but Yoonla has been around for quite a while. 

That’s my opinion, what is yours?

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  1. Neil

    Hi, Ben!

    I’ve personally looked into the 2 Day Profits program, and although training is provided for building an online business, I don’t think the main tutorials are all that great because it’s not proper step-by-step.

    Also, some internet marketing jargon is used which can be difficult for newbies to understand. I think marketers can make money with this program, but any noob will struggle to make a profit, especially “today”.

    To really stand a good chance at success with the platform, the upsells must be bought.


    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Neil,

      The problem is that it’s really lacking substance in my humble opinion. It basically just tells you about Yoonla! This is something that is more appropriate for a freebie list builder giveaway, not a paid product. Anyway, just my opinion. Maybe internet marketers who never heard of Yoonla find it much more mesmerizing than I did.

      All the best,


  2. Owain

    Thanks for sharing Ben. I am always wary of gimmicks like this where they claim that you can make a profit real fast. You may be able to do so, but I just feel that only the owners of this program are really gaining from it, it’s good to see that you did find some cool stuff with it, but on the whole I think that I would give this a miss.

  3. B

    I’m so happy I came across your article. You gave such a detailed explanation that I could decide better if 2-Day is right for me.
    Thank you for sharing and also for the free gift “250+ Work At Home Websites” 🙂

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yup, and now you know what the method is too 😉

      It just shows you how little substance the course actually has. It amazes me how someone can create an entire product that basically just tells you about the existence of an affiliate program. Not only that, but it gets over 5,000 sales on Warrior Plus with dozens of fake reviews out there. (Again, I want to mention that the bonus traffic courses do have substance, but the main course basically just tells you about Yoonla.)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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