3 ClickBank Alternatives for Digital Products

If you are an affiliate marketer, you probably are aware of Clickbank. It is the #1 affiliate network for marketers. An affiliate network handles connections between sellers and affiliates. It has a list of products you can promote as an affiliate, and you get paid directly from Clickbank.

Clickbank is still very popular, and I would still recommend it over other affiliate networks dealing with digital products. However, sometimes you won’t find a product you want to promote on Clickbank, or you just might want to expand your options. Here are three main Clickbank alternatives that you can use. In this article, we will not focus on the major affiliate networks that deal mostly with physical products, instead focusing on digital products, which usually have much higher commissions.

When joining an affiliate network, make sure that it is secured by SSL before entering private information. You’ll be surprised that some networks aren’t even serious enough to do that.

Deal Guardian

Deal Guardian is a great affiliate network that I use. It has its pros and cons. Instead of actually giving you the affiliate link like Clickbank does, Deal Guardian usually directs you to the merchant’s affiliate program on the merchant’s website. There, you enter your DealGuardian ID, and the merchant will generate an affiliate link for you. You can then use it wherever you want.

Oftentimes, information is lacking on affiliate terms and conditions. For example, it’s often hard to find out how long affiliate cookies are kept. However, Deal Guardian does give you basic information for each affiliate, such as how many sales the merchant has made, how high the commissions are, and what the refund percentage is.

Commissions are tracked and paid from your Deal Guardian account. You can get paid via Paypal, check, or direct deposit. You usually have to wait 30 days before getting paid for a sale, because that’s the refund limit. However, you can set it up that you get paid immediately, and funds will be taken out of your Paypal account if a refund is processed.

Deal Guardian doesn’t have categories to sort by, but you can sort by metrics such as sales numbers, refund percentages, cost, affiliate percentage, and more.

Warrior Forum Marketplace

Warrior Forum isn’t just a forum for affiliate marketers. They also have a marketplace where you can find products to promote. You can view the sales page of each product and metrics such as the release date, sales numbers, refund amounts, affiliate commissions, price, and more. Warrior Plus is another place to find digital products.


JVZoo is a popular Clickbank alternative, and works very similarly. You can search for digital products based on category. Like Deal Guardian, you can get paid instanly to your Paypal account, if you let them take back the funds if a refund is processed. However, their reputation is not as good. Some affiliates have reported that they have refused to become involved when the merchant didn’t pay them. It’s still a great place to go.

Of course, there are digital products on all affiliate networks. Even Amazon Associates and eBay Partner Network have ebooks you can promote, though the commission rates are not very high. Linkshare, Commission Junction, and ShareASale are all great places to go — for example, Linkshare has Udemy, which offers online courses with a 40 percent commission rate, though it can take up to 3 months to get paid.

With Clickbank, Warrior Forum, JVZoo, and DealGuardian, you have to beware of all the junk products out there. Many ebooks are just poorly put together, and products in the internet marketing and make money online niche are often scams or just shady. The trick is sifting through the junk to find the good products.

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