4 Common SEO Myths

Many myths abound about what should and what shouldn’t be done for search engine optimization. It is crucial to know what will benefit laptop-computerSEO and what will not. Here are 4 common SEO myths.

  1. Website owners should submit articles to article directories. This used to be (and still is!) a popular fad. Article directories are websites, such as Street Articles and Enzine Articles, that allow anyone to set up an account and submit articles, with the purpose of linking those articles to their websites. However, since backlinks aren’t as relevant as they once were, the only use such a thing has would be to possibly drive extra traffic to one’s website.
  2. Submitting websites to Google and Bing will boost search engine rankings. In the early days of SEO, submitting websites to the search engines was the main way of letting those search engines know about websites. However, these days, search engines naturally crawl all websites by themselves. However, submitting a sitemap to Google and Bing will cause them to be informed whenever a website is updated, resulting in faster indexing. However, search rankings will not be affected.
  3. Using paid search campaigns will boost organic search rankings. The truth is, that although using paid search campaigns (such as Google AdWords) will indeed drive additional paid search to a website, it will have no impact on organic search rankings.
  4. SEO services will give me an advantage over my competitors. Be very careful when choosing an SEO service. Stay away from services that promise you the top Google ranking for “only” $350 a month. These are often scams, and even if they do work in the short run, you’ll only lose out in the long-run, because they often use spammy, black-hatted methods that cause a website to be blacklisted by Google.

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