8 Minute Profits Review – Earn $283.03 In 8 Minutes With Only Free Traffic?

8 minute profits reviewSo, you’re looking to make $283.03 a day with just 8 minutes of work using 100% free traffic…

That’s the big claim that 8 Minute Profits makes, and in this 8 Minute Profits review, I’ll go into exactly what it contains, whether it lives up to its claim, and whether it’s legit.

8 Minute Profits Review, Summarized

8 Minute Profits is a short training course on how to build your email list by using a cheap traffic method. It’s legit, but doesn’t live up to everything it promises on the sales page. In addition, the method isn’t as good as they make it sound.

8 Minute Profits – What Is It All About?

8 Minute Profits is a short training course by Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick. These guys keep releasing courses with similar names, but I’ll ignore those for now because they aren’t really relevant.

Basically, 8 Minute Profits teaches you to run ads on Clixsense to get leads and build your email list. For those of you who don’t know and if you haven’t read my Clixsense review, Clixsense is a GPT (Get Paid To) site, which means they will pay people chump change to take surveys, try out offers, and click on ads. People get paid a cent or less to click on an ad, depending on how long they must view the ad. As an advertiser, you can run ads on the network for extremely cheap.

Now, this is a legit method, but like everything, it has its pros and cons. So before I continue reviewing 8 Minute Profits, I’ll take a few paragraphs to talk about the pros and cons of advertising on Clixsense.

8 minute profits scamAdvertising on Clixsense – The Good and the Bad

The good part about advertising on Clixsense, besides the fact that it’s so cheap, is that it’s theoretically the perfect audience if you are in the make money online niche.

People who spend their time clicking on ads for a penny each obviously are interested in making money online, and are desperate to find a good way to do so. If you can attract their attention and show them a real way to make money online, you’ll make money.

What’s the bad part? Well, ask yourself: Why are these people so desperate to click on ads for pennies? Why are they willing to spend 30 seconds for one cent and earn $2 an hour? The answer is that they are broke and have no money and no source of income. I’m just saying the obvious here. These people don’t have money to spend and probably won’t buy anything from you.

Of course, some will have money and are just simply trying out new ways to make money online. You might have more success with running CPA offers for survey sites. But my point is that this isn’t a goldmine – you need to test and test until something ends up working.

In addition, your ad needs to really stand out among all the other garbage ads people click on. Every other ad on Clixsense promises some get rich quick hack. These people have zero interest in the ads themselves and barely give them a glance; all they want is to get their penny.

8 Minute Profits Upsells

8 Minute Profits has three upsells. One is a 10-part email sequence you can use as your own. The second is a list of 15 other sites they use for traffic. The third is inside training and coaching.

8 Minute Profits Bonuses

There are a bunch of bonus videos at the bottom, which teach things such as how to set up Aweber, how to set up a website and hosting, how to use Snapchat for traffic, and other bonuses. 

8 Minute Profits Pros and Cons

I’ll go into some additional advantages and disadvantages of 8 Minute Profits.


It’s a legit method, as I’ve said. It’s a lot cheaper than PPC advertising. 

I think if you’ve never heard of Clixsense before and you want training on how to run ads on there, it’s probably worth the price. Of course, the price keeps changing, so I can’t really say tell you whether it’s worth the price. I got it for $2, but now it’s selling for $17. Other times it has been selling for around $5.


The method isn’t as magical as it is made to sound. In addition, it isn’t “free” traffic. They do teach you how to get started for free, by telling you to use Clixsense on the other side and start taking surveys and clicking on ads for pennies, and then use that money to run ads. Sure, you’ll make some money and you can use that for ads, but it’s just stupid to call that “free traffic.”

In addition, I already knew about Clixsense advertising; it’s not really a big secret. But the course still teaches some additional tips, even if you have already heard of it.

So, Is 8 Minute Profits Legit or a Scam? Can It Really Be True?

8 Minute Profits teaches a legit advertising method which is pretty cheap, though it requires mastery. Although it basically just tells you about an advertising platform, they do include some additional tips that are helpful. However, 8 Minute Profits doesn’t really live up to what it promises on its sales page, in my opinion. Obviously, the $283.03 per day is just hype, and so is the “8 minute profits” part. But the sales page promises free traffic, and this isn’t really free traffic.

If you’re looking for legit traffic methods that aren’t well known, I suggest you check out The Digital Elites and start your 7-day trial. You’ll access 30 days of elite traffic training, and I’m sure you’ll learn a lot!


  1. Maurice Jackson

    Thanks for posting such a revealing review. You exposed this site for what it really is. I am going to avoid it.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Maurice,

      I wouldn’t say that you need to avoid it, just trying to give you a balanced look at things. If you are interested in new ways to run ads for cheap, maybe this will enlighten you about how to get started Clixsense advertising.

      All the best,



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