8 Ways to Make Money Online Without a Website

Is it possible to make money online or to do affiliate marketing without a website? It sure is. There are several ways to do so, and here are the most popular ways.

However, I must note that although making money online without a website is absolutely achievable, it is at the same time much more difficult. It’s more appropriate for a short-term strategy; if you want a long-term strategy of making money online, a website is really the way to go. Besides, with a website, you can keep growing your business in ways that are otherwise not possible.

In fact, I suggest that you set up, at least, a free website. You can get a free website very easily — just fill out the box on this page.

#1: Make Money Using Youtube

It’s possible to create Youtube videos and then add affiliate links in the description area, or even on a clickable link at the end of the video. You can create product review videos, for example. Of course, you have to create videos that are really informative and have value; creating videos just to add affiliate links will get you banned.

However, this is in some ways dependent on luck. Whether your videos will get enough exposure to make money doesn’t really depend on you, it depends on Youtube’s search algorithms.

Another way to make money with Youtube is through displaying ads on your Youtube videos. However, your videos really need to go viral in order for this to work. Many famous Youtube stars and pranksters have made fortunes from their Youtube ad revenues, but their videos are really funny and get millions of views.

2: Post on Forums

You can add affiliate links on forums and blogs. This can possibly include Reddit and Quora. However, you must be aware that if you just leave links, you are very likely going to be banned. You must first become active on the forum. Once people at the forum trust you, you can add a link at the end of an informative post. For example, you can say that this product will really help you out, here’s how it works, and here’s a link to purchase it. I must add that you might still get banned for using an affiliate link.

#3: Use Social Media

You can post affiliate links to your social media profiles. However, people will unfollow you if you constantly spam them. In fact, they may even mark you as spam and get your account suspended. Therefore, you must go slowly and proceed with caution. You can also post affiliate links to Facebook groups and Google Plus Communities, but again, it is very likely that you will be kicked out of those groups.

#4: Join Hubpages

Hubpages is unique in that you can write a blog post without actually creating a website. The article will belong to you, but it will be published on Hubpages site. Then, you and Hubpages will share the revenue from your article. Hubpages has Amazon and eBay affiliate offers built-in — all you need to do is add the Amazon affiliate box and Hubpages will take care of the rest. Adding your own affiliate links, especially Clickbank links, probably will not work, as Hubpages will delete them.

#5: Create Classified Ads

You can create a classified ad in which you insert your affiliate link. The advertisement can be a work-at-home job, and you can direct your viewers to a product, training course, or ebook that teaches people how to work from home. You can even create product reviews. However, you can not create such an ad on the big ad sites. Nor will it work on Craigslist — it is against their policies and will be deleted and you will be banned. Other free advertisement sites, such as ePages and USFreeAds, will still let you do it. However, they have a much smaller viewer base and it will not lead to a lot of conversions and sales.

#6: Email Marketing

You can certainly create an online business with email marketing. The only question is how you will get an email list. The easiest way to do it is by creating a one-page website where users can opt-in to your email list. You get people to this one-page website by advertising through solo ads and cheap PPC networks. You can then send out emails with affiliate offers. Another way to get an email list is by joining a safe list network, where users send each other email newsletters with offers. However, the conversion rates of such safe lists are very low indeed.

#7: Advertising

Another way to make money without a website is by advertising on cheap PPC networks and other advertising networks, even using places such as Clixsense to advertise. You can send people to your affiliate link directly, or you can send them to a one-page website with a call-to-action.

#8: Friends and Family

Of course, you can ask friends and family to join your affiliate programs and purchase stuff through your affiliate links. If you want to really ruin relationships with your family and friends, then this is a sure way to do it. Otherwise, just leave this option out.

As you can see, there are indeed ways to make money online without a website. However, they are not very profitable in most cases, and even if they are, it is hard to grow your income into something really big. I really recommend that you follow these four steps to creating a free website and making money online.



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