WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org — Which One Is For You?

When it comes to WordPress websites, there are two ways to go about getting such a website: One way is through setting up an account on WordPress.com, and the second way is through questions-1WordPress.org. Many people get confused and are unsure of which method to use. This article will briefly outline the differences between them, and attempt to give you a sense of direction so that you can make your decision correctly.

WordPress.com allows you to set up a free account, after which you can simply start blogging on your new WordPress website which is already all set up for you. Initially, you start off on a WordPress.com domain, meaning your website will look like this: YourWebsite.wordpress.com. You also start out with a limited package plan, which includes a limited amount of storage, themes, plugins etc. However, you can certainly upgrade, for a price, to a more advanced package, including not only more themes and storage space but also your own domain name (e.g. YourWebsite.com).

The advantages of this method are obvious: You don’t have to worry about purchasing hosting plans, your website’s security is all taken care of, backups are done automatically for you, and so are WordPress updates. The disadvantages, however, are not to be ignored: You are still limited in many areas, such as storage space, installing third-party plugins and custom designs, as well as in creating an advanced website for things such as eCommerce, which although possible at WordPress.com, certainly has its limitations.

WordPress.org, on the other hand, allows you to download for free the WordPress software, with opportunities to download premium themes etc for a price. You are then on your own, meaning you must find a hosting platform, purchase a domain name, install the WordPress software, and constantly be on top of your website’s security and WordPress updates.

However, you are free to do whatever you want with your WordPress website, and you can sign up for expanded storage space with your hosting company, install third-party plugins, and tweak and design your website however you would like.

So, WordPress.com is better for people who would rather have a more simple website and skip website maintenance hassles, while WordPress.org would probably be better for people who want more advanced websites and the freedom to do with it as they wish.


  1. Josh Murray

    I prefer the self-hosted version – WordPress.org. You have full control over your website. You have to pay for a web space but the price for a web account is very affordable these days. I pay 3 dollars at RoseHosting.com and the service is amazing.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yes, I agree, you can find excellent prices, sometimes as low as a few dollars per month, and you are in full control over your site. I have never tried RoseHosting, but I’m glad you like it.

  2. Louis

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your sharing. Now it know what’s the difference between WordPress dot com and WordPress dot org. I’ve been searching around different info when trying to set up my web site and it’s always confusing when coming to the WordPress dot com and WordPress dot org. I’m using another platform to build up my site now. But probably will look into these options in my next one.



    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Louis, what platform have you been using? Has it been bringing you success? I hope that if you see this you will share with us.

  3. Jean

    I personally don’t think anyone should use the subdomain wordpress site format because they have a whole lot of rules and regulations that many people aren’t aware of. Don’t get me wrong, it is a super easy way to get a site up and running but really should only be used for personal blogs. Not to mention that you have to pay more if you don’t want them to put their own ads on your website. This means you can’t even control the ads appearing on your website and that would just drive me crazy.

    I also believe you can’t have affiliate links or do ecommerce through a free site through the actual wordpress site without paying an additional fee or your account can be shut down. While wordpress itself is a great platform for creating websites I would always do it on your own hosting and not as a subdomain of wordpress.

    I feel like if you are going for the totally free method there are much better subdomain free sites like siterubix or blogger that will let you build up a blog and eventually monetize it (granted blogger has to be done carefully because they like to make spam) but point being is that it is quite obvious I am against the subdomain wordpress sites LOL.


    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yeah, you are certainly not in full control at WordPress.com, and other free sub domain websites like BlogSpot aren’t necessarily better. It’s a little like living in someone else’s house — you’re not in charge. But again, for individual personal bloggers who don’t plan on running anything big, it’s fine. As you mentioned, SiteRubix gives you two free sites that you have full control of, and you can put your own ads and links and whatever you want. It uses WordPress, too, from WordPress.org.


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