Affiliate Titan 3.0 Review – Does It Really Change Affiliate Marketing FOREVER?

Want to be an affiliate titan? Think buying Affiliate Titan 3.0 will get you there? Well, you’ll find out whether that is true or false by reading this comprehensive review…

affiliate titan 3.0 review

What Is Affiliate Titan?

Affiliate Titan 3.0 ( is a suite of tools for affiliate marketers. These tools will help you find profitable products to promote. They will also help you create landing pages and videos to promote them.

First, let’s go through what the system contains quickly, and then we’ll explain what each tool does in more detail. Here is what Affiliate Titan 3.0 gives you:

  1. King of the Zon (find popular Amazon products to promote)
  2. Launch Pulse (find profitable products that have just launched or are about to launch on Clickbank, JVZoo and Warrior Plus)
  3. CB 250 (find the 250 most popular products on Clickbank, updated daily)
  4. King of the Zoo (find profitable JVZoo products to promote)
  5. 1 Click Affiliate (get prewritten sales pages for any products by just making a few tweaks)
  6. Rapid Video (easily turn scripts into text video slides with audio and images)
  7. Bonus: Full access to T-Shirt Titan (a software that lets you design t-shirts for Facebook ads and sell them)
  8. Training guides for all software tools

Let’s go into these tools in more detail.

affiliate titan king of the zon

King of the Zon

King of the Zon is an online tool that lets you find profitable Amazon products to promote.

If you’re an Amazon Associate, you know that you can’t just promote any product. You want to promote a product that is selling like crazy, has tons of positive reviews, has a great average star rating, and of course has a price that will be profitable for you.

King of the Zon basically takes care of that for you. You can search for products in any niche and get a list of products with great prices, great ratings and great sales numbers. You can also apply filters to make your search more specific. Look at the screenshot above for what it looks like.

affiliate titan launch pulse

Launch Pulse

Launch jacking can be very profitable if done right, and Launch Pulse will certainly help you out.

Launch jacking is when you take advantage of new products that are about to be launched or have just launched in your niche (usually the ‘make money online’ niche). If you do email marketing, you’ll email your list before the product goes live to build excitement. Once the product launches, it will usually be at a discount price for a very short time. This is when you make the most money by promoting it to your list.

You can also do launch jacking without a list. Writing blog reviews of brand new products and doing Youtube video reviews are another great way to take advantage of free SEO buyer traffic. (Rapid Video can help you with that.)

Launch Pulse is a tool that shows you products that are about to be launched or have recently launched. These products are usually on JVZoo and WarriorPlus, and sometimes on Clickbank.

You’ll get useful info such as how much it will cost, what the commission is going to be, what are the prizes for the best affiliates, who is the product owner, and a competition score for Google and Youtube. You’ll also get a link to the affiliate page so that you can sign up, get email swipes, and find out more information.

Again, you can apply filters based on price, commission, prizes, and more.

affiliate titan cb 250

CB 250

CB 250 is a tool that will show you the top 250 products on Clickbank. This is updated every single day, twice a day. You’ll find useful information such as the Alexa rank for the product’s website and a link to the affiliate page. You can search for products based on your niche, and you can filter products based on their price, gravity, and more.

affiliate titan king of the zoo

King of the Zoo

King of the Zoo is a tool to help you find profitable JVZoo products to promote. In a way, it’s similar to JVZoo’s own affiliate stats; you’ll get info on how many sales a product had, the price, the conversion rate, if sales are going up or down, and the EPC, or earnings per click. You’ll also get a link to the JVZoo affiliate page.

You can also apply filters based on price, sales, EPCs, and to find high-ticket or high-converting products.

affiliate titan 1 click affiliate

1 Click Affiliate

1 Click Affiliate is a tool that lets you create sales pages from premade templates.

Basically, each sales page will have the normal components: A headline, an intro, a features section, etc. There will be a few versions of each component; you can choose which components you want by checking them off.

There will be a few fields that you enter keywords for the product name, the niche you are in, the problem you are trying to solve, etc. The software will basically insert these terms and keywords in certain sections of the sales page. Then you just copy the sales page and paste it in your WordPress site.

It’s not a bad software if you’re looking for a quick sales page without doing any copywriting. Look at the screenshot above for an example; the red text is the keywords I entered and which the software inserted into the sales page. Of course, the software is just a software, and you’ll need a human to proofread the sales page and tweak it so that the terms you entered actually fit in with the context and make sense.

affiliate titan rapid video

Rapid Video

Rapid Video is another cool tool you can use to create quick videos. Basically, you’ll paste a script into the application (this is the only tool that you have to download to your desktop). Each line will then become a separate slide on the video. You can even use the 1 Click Affiliate sales page to create videos if you want.

You can then add background music, which they provide for you. If you want, you can add a voiceover or hire someone on Fiverr to do it. You can also change the color of the text and background or just put in an image in the background (they also give you images to choose from).

You can then choose the length of time for each slide, or you can add an image instead of text if you want to. Next, just export the video and use it on Youtube or on your own website or sales page. 

T-Shirt Titan

T-Shirt Titan is a separate product that you’ll get as a bonus if you buy Affiliate Titan.

Basically, it’s a suite of four software tools that let you create digital designs of t-shirts. You can then upload these designs to Teespring and they’ll create the actual physical t-shirts and sell them for you. You can also use the design to create Facebook ads for your t-shirts. 

So, Is Affiliate Titan a Scam or Legit? Can It Really Be True?

Affiliate Titan is definitely legit. For the current discount price of just around $9 for lifetime access, it’s a great price for a great suite of affiliate tools. The Rapid Video creator alone would probably be worth more than that. The t-shirt design software is also pretty cool.

The tools that I liked the best were Launch Pulse, Rapid Video, King of the Zon, 1 Click Affiliate, and T-Shirt Titan. I personally just go to JVZoo and Clickbank themselves to find products to promote, so I didn’t find King of the Zoo and CB 250 so mesmerizing. I also don’t promote Amazon products, but King of the Zon still looks like a great tool.

1 Click Affiliate isn’t perfect, but it’s still okay if for whatever reason you want to create a free sales page without much work for an affiliate product or your own product. Rapid Video is pretty cool as well if you want to create a quick Youtube or sales video, and I found Launch Pulse an easier tool to use than Muncheye for example, though there are far less launches to choose from.

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  1. Anis Chity

    Looks like a good program, I really like the idea of the video creator, looks fun and very useful
    I was wondering how it does find profitable products for you?

    Does it teach you how to build a website or just landing pages like you mentioned?
    Looks like a steal at that price

    Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Anis!

      The video creator is a great way to create quick sales videos or videos you can upload to Youtube without using your voice.

      To find profitable products, just use their tools Launch Pulse, King of the Zon, King of the Zoo and CB 250 🙂

      It doesn’t teach you how to build a website. This product isn’t meant for newbies who don’t know how to create websites… It’s not a training course either. It’s meant for affiliate marketers who already know how to create websites and landing pages and need tools to help them out.

      I think that the landing page creator might come in handy if you’re sending PPC traffic to an affiliate link and you can’t direct link, by the way.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Cody

    Wow! I have never heard of this before… Luckily though I came across it and with your review being so informative I believe I’m interested! Thanks for the review man!


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