AffiloBlueprint Review — Is It a Scam?

Is AffiloBlueprint a scam? What is it, anyway? And is it worth the money? Read this AffiloBlueprint review to find out.

AffiloBlueprint — What It Is

AffiloBlueprint basically is a training course that will teach you how to do affiliate marketing. It has 91 lessons and takes you through the beginner to advanced stages.

For those of you who are unaware, affiliate marketing is when you make money promoting other people’s products online. It’s easy and fun to do.

There are many great training courses for affiliate marketing out there. However, many of them make you pay a monthly membership, which can be very costly in the long run. AffiloBlueprint costs slightly more at the outset, but since it’s a one -time fee, you’ll probably end up paying a lot less in the long run.

AffiloBlueprint also gives you the tools you need for free, such as a bonus one-year worth of hosting for your website. They also give you for free their website builder, which usually costs $97. A keyword tool is also provided. So the only other real cost will be a domain name, which costs around ten dollars.

Is it recommended? I definitely think it is a great place to go to learn affiliate marketing. I would love to hear what you think, though, so leave me some comments below. Meanwhile, I put together some pros and cons of joining, as well as the most commonly asked questions. I wrote the FAQs myself.

AffiloBlueprint Pros

  • No monthly fees, lifetime access
  • All tools provided to you
  • Support provided by staff

AffiloBlueprint Cons

  • Not as much training as other programs that cost more
  • Less support than the pricier programs
  • Costs more at the outset than monthly programs

AffiloBlueprint FAQs


Q: Who Is Giving the Course?

A: AffiloBlueprint is administered by Mark Ling, a well-known online entrepreneur and the founder of many online businesses. He is also the founder of Affilorama, the parent company of AffiloBlueprint.

Q: What Does The Course Include?

A: The course includes a 12-series training module. There are 91 lessons, and each lesson comes in a video and PDF form. You are also given access to a support team to ask your questions about building a business, as well as an exclusive member forum where members offer advice for each other. In addition, you are offered, for FREE, the following bonuses: AffiloTheme, a made-for-you website builder (normal value: $97); One year of hosting for your website (normal value: $50-100); and a one month free trial of AffiloTools and Affilorama Premium (normal value: $67).

Q: Why Should I Trust AffiloBlueprint Over Other Courses?

A: Affilorama and AffiloBlueprint have been around for over ten years and have taught literally thousands of satisfied students (myself included). They are one of the most respected names in the industry.

Q: Does This Thing Work?

A: Of course! This isn’t some shiny new get-rich-quick scheme created by some internet guru. This course will guide step-by-step and teach you what you have to do. You will have to do real work — success won’t happen by itself!

Q: How Much Does The Course Cost?

A: The course costs a one-time fee of $197.

Q: Why Does It Cost So Much?

A: It Doesn’t! If you consider the price of a course at a physical university, which can cost thousands of dollars, this is really cheap. In addition, the bonuses that you get kind of make up for the price anyway. The price is necessary so that the support team can provide you with the help you need and so that the training can constantly stay updated. One more thing: You get lifetime access and there are no monthly fees. This is unlike other sites which seem to cost less but then charge you every month again and again.

Q: So You’re Saying That There Will Be No Additional Fees?

A: Exactly! You have lifetime access, so you can proceed at your own pace, without the stress of paying a monthly fee. The only additional fee will be the cost of purchasing a website name. Most websites cost just around $10, though you can find cheaper websites at around a dollar.

Q: Are There Any Hidden Fees?

A: Absolutely Not! Along with your purchase of AffiloBlueprint, you will get a bonus one month trial of AffiloTools and Affilorama Premium (which contain additional tools and training). Enjoy your first month, and if you don’t want to stay a second month, just cancel your AffiloTools and Affilorama Premium subscription (like I have done)! Canceling your Affilorama Premium subscription will have absolutely no affect on your AffiloBlueprint purchase — you will still have lifetime access!

Q: What If I Don’t Like The Course? Can I Get My Money Back?

A: Yes! There is a 60-day money back guarantee, just in case you feel that making money online is not for you.

Q: Is There Any Way I Can Try This Out For Free?

A: If you want to get a taste of what Affilorama is, I suggest you sign up for a one-month trial of Affilorama Premium and AffiloTools, which costs just $1. I must stress that although Affilorama Premium has plenty of great training videos, it does not come close to the step-by-step training provided by AffiloBlueprint. Still, you will get a sense of what Affilorama has to offer.

Check Out AffiloBluePrint Here

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