Affilorama Review – The Best Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners?

affilorama reviewAffilorama is one of the best known and oldest internet marketing training courses out there. It has a few different subproducts, which can make it confusing. In this Affilorama review, I’ll go through what it is, who created it, and do a quick overview of each product and whether they are worth the price.

Affilorama Review, Summarized

Affilorama is an internet marketing training course. It offers around 100 free lessons on all aspects of internet marketing. It has a premium monthly membership, as well as a suite of internet marketing tools. There is also a WordPress theme.There are two higher-priced internet marketing products: AffiloBlueprint and AffiloJetpack. You can join for free at

Affilorama – What Is It?

Affilorama was founded by Mark Ling, a highly successful millionaire who’s made a fortune from internet marketing. He is the owner of other successful Clickbank products in various niches, including well-known ones such as Rocket Languages, Meet Your Sweet, Yum Paleo, Salehoo, Traffic Travis, Manifestation Miracle, and countless others. Affilorama has been around for quite a while and is one of the oldest and most trusted internet marketing courses for beginners.

affilorama premium reviewAffilorama – The Free Version

The free version of Affilorama offers around 100 lessons in internet marketing, ranging from the basics to setting up a blog to email marketing to PPC and everything else. These lessons come in video and text format and are pretty easy to understand. I don’t know of any other internet marketing program that offers so many free lessons. Besides the lessons, there is a forum and a comment section where you can ask questions.

The downside of the free lessons is that they don’t update them very often. Some of the screenshots can look a little outdated, and even some of the methods may be a little outdated. If there is a major update, however, they will usually mention it in the lesson or at least in the comments area. Generally, however, the free version is a great source of internet marketing training for newbies.

Affilorama Premium Review

Affilorama also has a premium monthly membership, which costs $1 for your first month and $67 every month after. Unfortunately, this is the one part of Affilorama that I think is overpriced and not worth it.

You’ll get access to a few premium video lessons and webinar replays (unlike the free lessons, these videos are made by Mark Ling himself). You’ll also get access to a PLR article pack each month, as well as AffiloMagazine, a VERY useful resource for affiliate marketing.

You’ll also get access to AffiloTools (more on that later) and AffilloHost, which lets you host up to 15 sites. You can buy your domain names from Affilorama Domains.

However, I don’t think a few premium lessons is worth $67 a month. Hosting is just a few dollars a month at most hosting companies. In conclusion, this is one part of Affilorama that you don’t need — but you can still try it out for the first month for only $1.

affilojetpack reviewAffiloTheme Review

AffiloTheme is basically a WordPress theme created by Affilorama. Its goal is to help you monetize your site easily. AffiloTheme makes it easy to add signup forms on your website and collect email leads, create redirect links for affiliate links, and includes other useful tools. It costs a one-time fee of $97 unless you get it for free together with AffiloBlueprint or AffiloJetpack. It’s probably best to just get AffiloBlueprint at $197 and get AffiloTheme included.

AffiloTools Review

is a suite of tools for affiliate marketing. It includes a keyword tool, a backlink finder tool, a social media management tool, a tool that aggregates your Google Analytics and Clickbank data, and much more. It’s free to use. I generally don’t find that I need these tools in my business, but they’re free and certainly don’t hurt. 

affiloblueprint reviewAffiloBlueprint Review

AffiloBlueprint is a premium training course. It offers 90+ lessons on affiliate marketing, replete with PDFs and videos. You’ll also get free hosting for a year (after which it will cost retail price of around $50-100 a year). You’ll also get AffiloTools and AffiloTheme for free as a bonus.

You may be wondering what the difference between the free lessons and AffiloBlueprint is. In short, the free lessons haven’t been updated, less thought has been put into them, and they aren’t arranged to present a step-by-step system. With AffiloBlueprint, you’ll get a step-by-step “blueprint” that you can follow for building your affiliate marketing business, plus you get premium support and help.

AffiloBlueprint costs a one-time fee of $197. Again, this includes free hosting for a year, as well as AffiloTheme and some other bonuses. Compared to other internet marketing training platforms that cost a monthly fee (such as Wealthy Affiliate or Chris Farrell Membership), you’ll actually save money in the long run if you just get AffiloBlueprint. For newbies, paying a monthly fee causes a lot of stress and pressure, because you’re not making any money yet to cover that fee.

I highly recommend AffiloBlueprint for newbies, simply because it is a one-time fee, offers hosting built-in, and includes tools that you’ll need as an affiliate marketer. It’s my #1 choice for newbies.

AffiloJetpack Review

AffiloJetpack is a high-ticket product of Mark Ling. It basically gives you a pre-made email marketing business.

It includes

  • 3 reports that you can give away for free (these are high-quality reports)

  • A newsletter sequence that lasts for an entire year (also very high-quality with lots of high-quality content)
  • Affiliate offers built-in to the newsletters (just plug in your Clickbank ID)
  • Cheat sheets you can use to write articles quickly
  • One click websites that you can set up to start collecting leads and start building a blog
  • One click setup of your autoresponder sequence to FlutterMail
  • Hosting for your sites

All this is in FIVE niches of your choice. You can choose five out of 18 available niches. Niches include make money online, dating for men, dating for women, dog training, health and fitness, law of attraction — basically, all the popular ones. If you want more niches, you can buy them separately.

There is also a TON of training on how to drive traffic with free and paid methods. You’ll also get AffiloBlueprint, AffiloTheme, and AffiloTools, as well as bonus products that Mark Ling created, such as training on how to create your own products.

Basically, AffiloJetpack takes all the work out of email marketing. Everything is written for you, you don’t have to research affiliate products to promote, set up is pretty easy and just takes a few clicks, and all you have to do is send traffic by buying solo ads or through any other methods. Just set up a traffic source, and you’ll start earning passive income It isn’t cheap, but it’s the fast track way to make a lot of money through email marketing while saving tons of time and trial and effort.

AffiloJetpack costs a one-time fee of $997, though you can get it at a discount of $747 (if you’re interested in the discount, contact me and I’ll help you get it).

So that’s Affilorama in a nutshell. It has something for everybody – for newbies, you can learn from the free lessons or AffiloBlueprint, and if you are an advanced marketer, you can use AffiloJetpack to start generating new passive income streams.

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  1. Nathan Glick

    Sounds like a decent program although I don’t like the fact that there are upsells involved with it. 997$ for the premium Jetpack package is simply crazy to me. As the saying goes though, you have to spend money to make money, youjust have to be the judge on how much money you would like to spend. Great review!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Nathan!

      I get you, but with the Jetpack, you’re NOT paying for training or for one on one coaching, although you get that too. What you are paying for is SOLID CONTENT.

      Imagine if you had to write all those free reports and email newsletters yourself. Imagine you had to work on finding good products to promote in five niches. Imagine if you had to then work on building your sites and setting up your newsletter sequence.

      Now imagine if you had to pay someone to do it. That would cost many times more than $997! So yes, it is totally worth it. Of course, you have to be at a place where you are ready to set up five different email marketing lists. That isn’t so hard if you know how to send traffic and everything is done for you.

      All the best,


  2. Tammy

    Very informative post! I have been an Affiliate for about 6 months now, but hadn’t heard of Affilorama before. Your review was very thorough and had a great deal of content to help me make the decision to work with Affilorama myself! Thanks!

  3. Furkan

    Hi, this system looks good however I have a couple of questions about hosting platform. How is the speed of the platform? And I currently have many problems with a hosting company and it just does not protect my site from spams. What is your experience with this platform?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Furkan!

      Their hosting is ok. I tried it out a little. I don’t know how secure it is.

      I’d say as follows: If you are buying AffiloBlueprint, then use their hosting. It is free, at least for the first year. I recommend AffiloBlueprint for beginners, and using their hosting will save you money and is probably enough for your first site. The same goes if you are using AffiloJetpack.

      Otherwise, get hosting at another company, such as Siteground, which I myself use for this very site and which is very safe. Affilorama Premium just isn’t worth it, when at Siteground you can get unlimited hosting for a fraction of the price.

      All the best,



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