Are Backlinks Still Important? 3 Ways to Get Links That WORK

how to get good backlinksAre backlinks still important? They sure are! Many people will tell you that it’s useless to get backlinks anymore. They are right, but they are also wrong. You see, Google didn’t crack down on backlinks altogether; they just cracked down on low-quality backlinks being produced in large amounts.

Google used backlinks as a metric of determining a page’s popularity and importance and still does. But instead of using the quantity of a page’s backlinks as a metric, Google now focuses solely on the quality. In fact, producing large numbers of low-quality backlinks will only get your site penalized.

How can you get high-quality backlinks? It’s not easy, but we’ll focus on three ways.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to gain high-quality backlinks. First, look around for a site that is relevant to your niche and has a high domain and page authority. Then, slowly establish a relationship with the site’s owner. Email them and compliment them on their posts, telling them how much of a fan you are.

Eventually, shoot them an email suggesting a new topic for their blog that they haven’t yet covered. Go even further and offer to write a post for them, showing them samples of your previous writing work. Write a post for their blog and include a link back to your site.

how to get high quality backlinksThe Broken Links Method

Another cool way to get backlinks is by finding broken links on websites. First, search for websites that are relevant to your niche and that have a high authority. Then, use a tool to find broken links on that site. There are many tools that do this — Domain Hunter Plus is a Chrome extension that you can use.

If you find a link that is outdated or broken, meaning it points to a URL that doesn’t exist anymore, see if it makes sense to replace it with one of your own pages or posts.

Then, email the site owner saying that you’re such a fan of their site, and that you found several broken links. Offer to point them out. If the site owner responds, point out the broken links and go even further — suggest that they replace it with a link that happens to be your own! Oftentimes, they will be too busy to find their own links and will be happy to do that.

The Commenting Method

No, don’t just comment on sites and try to include links! The site owner will probably delete them. But there are many sites that have a commenting system in place that lets you link back to your site and automatically creates a signature in your comment that says, “So-and-so just blogged [a link to your most recent blog post appears here].”

They do this for a reason — they want to encourage people to comment! Now, finding such sites in your niche can be difficult, but if you find them, leave an informative comment and include a backlink! Just don’t spam!

Building high-quality backlinks takes a LOT of time, but it is well worth it and will significantly boost your rankings. You can even pay someone to do all the work for you if you don’t have the time. Just keep in mind that if you’re just starting out, you shouldn’t yet focus on building backlinks; you need to have a site with high-quality content first.

Do you want to cut down on all the work of finding sites where you can guest blog and get links from? I know of a tool that lets you enter your competitors’ sites and will tell you where THEY are getting backlinks from. Try it — it really works! Read my Traffic Travis review and see for yourself.




  1. Dan

    Nice post! I understood backlinks to a certain extent before reading but now I totally get them.

    So they are still important for rankings? Huh. I’ve watches lots of vids that suggested otherwise but didnt fully explain in the way you did.

    The broken link method is a little bit cheeky though isn’t it? Do you think that might hurt your rep, by sneakily giving the author a link that’s yours? I don’t think I could do that.

    Thanks so much for this though! I’m reading it again just to cement the concepts! Brilliant stuff.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Dan!

      Yes, links still give Google an indication of how important your website is. Think of them as “votes”: the more votes you have, the higher you rank. But as opposed to how it used to be, the MORE votes you have, now it is the QUALITY of the votes you have.

      The videos you were watching were probably referring to spammy black-hat methods of building up link farms and generating mass amounts of low-quality links.

      I don’t think the broken link method is cheeky. The site owner probably isn’t stupid and knows that you’re not just doing for themm for free and that these are probably your links. But they will probably be too lazy to find their own links and agree to what you do. But if you are really concerned you can certainly disclose clearly that these are your own links, and you know what? I don’t think it will make a difference to them.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Xdeem Li


    Thanks for informative post, very interesting. Back-links are still very important, and it’s about quality not quantity. The broken links method sounds different and interesting to me. Come to think of it, if someone found broken links on my website I would be thankful. I wouldn’t have a problem fixing the broke links by linking to their website, especially if it relevant. Cheers!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Xdeem!

      Yes, I would be too lazy to find my own links and I would be thankful for someone pointing out my broken links! I just would want to make sure that the site I’m linking too isn’t very low-quality and that it doesn’t have controversial content.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. matts mom

    I never really considered backlinks or really knew what they were. So I am glad to find this post! When I go to Google Analytics, it shows that I have them. Now I know how I got them 🙂

  4. Graham

    Thanks for this really helpful post. I had heard of backlinks a few times so your page name just caught my eye. But as I’m new to site building I wasn’t sure what and how you would set them up. Thanks for clearing this up for me. It does sound effective, as I said my site is new though so as you recommended I will wait to build more content first then try this.
    Thanks again.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Graham!

      Yes, you should first focus on building up your own site. When you have a large site and you’re bringing in revenue, then you can hire someone to actually write the articles for you.

      All the best!


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