Article Document Review — Yay or Nay? Should You Join?

article document reviewIs it worth working for Article Document? How much do they pay their writers, and how much writing work is available? This Article Document review tells you if this thing will just turn out to be another waste of time or if it’s actually worth it.

Article Document – The Review in Short

Article Document is a content mill where you can get paid for ghostwriting work. In addition, you can set up a writer’s profile, and brands can contact you for writing work or for social media exposure. Now for the full review.

Signing Up to Article Document

Creating your account at article document is easy. All you have to do is enter your name and email address. You can then set up your writer’s profile by uploading an image and a resume, providing links to your site and previously published work, and providing samples of your writing work.

Once you do that, brands on the platform can look at your profile, and if they decide that you’re a good fit for them, they can contact you and offer you writing work.

You can also connect your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. After doing that, you will be given a score. If you have a score of over 400, you may be contacted by brands who are looking for social media exposure. For example, they might pay you a few dollars for sending out a tweet recommending their services.

This sounds nice, but based on my experience with other such sites, it’s very rare for the average writer to actually be contacted by a brand and be offered work (unless, perhaps, if you have a really super great resume). For example, I’ve never been contacted by anyone on ClearVoice or TapInfluence, though brands have contacted by privately using the contact form on my website.

article document review

My Social Score

Doing Ghostwriting Work at Article Document

When it comes to ghostwriting work, however, it is an entirely different story. In order to qualify for ghostwriting work, you have to prove your qualifications for the industry you want to write in. The problem? In order to “qualify,” you have to write a 500-word article sample article for each industry.

In my opinion, that’s preposterous. If they want to see a sample of your work so they know your writing level, that’s one thing. But to ask you to write a new 500-word article for each industry? That’s lots of work for free, given that you may not even be contacted with ghostwriting work in the end.

Once you prove your qualifications, Article Document will contact you with ghostwriting work “when it’s available.” When I hear that, I’ve come to expect that I will never be contacted, especially if I only qualify for one or two industries. That’s just based on my experience in the writing world.

And what will you get paid if and when you are contacting with work? According to Article Document, you can eventually advance to three to 10 cents per word or more. I guess that when you start out, you’ll be paid one or two cents per word… How exciting!

So, Is Article Document Legit? Can It Really Be True?

Article Document is owned by Tempesta Media, which has an A+ rating with the BBB, so it’s pretty legit (unless it’s a different Tempesta Media – who knows?). The way I see it, though, is that there are two parts to Article Document. There’s the writer’s profile part, where all you have to do is set up a profile, and there’s the “content mill” part, which pays little and makes you go through many hoops before qualifying.

Here’s what I would say: It doesn’t hurt to set up a profile; it just takes a few seconds. But don’t get your hopes high — As I’ve said, you probably won’t get contacted by big brands anytime in the future.

You can’t sit back and expect the work to come flowing in; you have to go out there and send email pitches to brands who are looking for freelancers.



  1. Chris

    Writing for pennies has grown quite tiresome. I do like that Article Document gives you the opportunity to link your social media to your profile. I’m just hoping that somewhere out there, someone is looking for an overly opinionated and narcissistic millennial to write for them.

  2. Tomas

    I agree. The problem with most freelance writing websites is the expectations they have of you from the start. There’s a lot of free work involved before you’re even promised a job. But hey–that’s the writing business.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Tomas,

      It should not be that way. If clients want to see previous samples, that’s one thing, and newbies can prepare a few of them to show to all potential clients. But to ask a freelancer to write a new sample just for you is wrong, especially if they have to write a new sample for EVERY INDUSTRY.

      All the best,



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