Backlinks Indexer Review – How to Boost the POWER of Your Backlinks

backlinks indexer review legitBuilding backlinks to your site? Thinking of getting Backlinks Indexer to help you out? Read this review to find out how it works and what it does.

What Does Backlinks Indexer Do?

When creating backlinks, you need to get your backlinks indexed in Google. If they aren’t indexed, then they won’t help a thing. Backlinks Indexer ( is a tool that gets Google to index your backlinks.

An important way of boosting the power of your backlinks is by creating backlinks to your backlinks. For example, you might create backlinks on blogs, and then you will link to that blog from other blogs or from article directories.

This is a great way to boost the power of your backlinks and get them indexed. These second level backlinks don’t need to be of the same quality as your first-level backlinks (the backlinks that are linking to your actual site).

Backlinks Indexer has a network of thousands of sites that they will use to create second-level backlinks to your backlinks.

Backlinks Indexer’s Tools

Backlinks Indexer has a number of tools you can use. You can submit URLs to be indexed by copying and pasting them or by uploading a CSV or TXT file. There is also a Power Booster submitter that indexes your links much quicker. You need credits to use the Power Booster. You’ll earn credits by being an active member or by purchasing them.

You can also use their plugin to automatically index any new pages or posts you create on your site. This can be on your main site. It can also be used on your PBN sites or other sites you’re using to build backlinks.

Does Backlinks Indexer WORK?

It sure does! I submitted nine URLs where I had created backlinks months before. Within two days, they were already indexed. Not only that, but my Domain Authority jumped up by three points and my Page Authority jumped up by around 10 points. This is for just nine backlinks! And remember that I had created these backlinks months before and they only had their effect after I started using Backlinks Indexer.

Is This Safe for SEO?

While you can use Backlinks Indexer to build backlinks to your actual site, I recommend that you use it to build backlinks to your backlinks. This will help you stay SEO-safe. This is also the way Backlinks Indexer recommends you use it.

Of course, this isn’t meant for newbies who don’t know what they are doing. Backlinks Indexer is meant for people who are already working on an active backlink building campaign. By using Backlinks Indexer, you’ll increase the power and effectiveness of your backlinks.


So, Is Backlinks Indexer a Scam or Legit? Can It Really Be True?

Backlinks Indexer is definitely legit. It’s one of the best backlinks indexing services out there with prices that are much better than other services. Plans range from around $15/month for 1,500 URL submissions to $97/month for 15,000 URLs a month.

Whether you’re an internet marketer and you’re building links to your product or affiliate site, or whether you’re an SEO agency and you’re building backlinks for clients, this is for you. Using Backlinks Indexer is a great way to boost the power of your backlinks and make sure that you get the full value of your hard work that you spent on building backlinks (or the money you’re spending on having someone do it).

Start boosting your rankings for just one penny…


  1. Andrei

    Great review Ben!

    I was wondering if this product is legit or not, but after reading your post I am definitely sure that I can use it for my website. Thanks for writing this review, I’m going to use it from now on!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Andrei,

      I’m glad you like it. I’m sure it will help you improve your website’s rankings and traffic 🙂


  2. Iyanuoluwa

    It is good to know about this tool which you have mentioned in the post. I might give it a trial though not present because am still working more on producing more quality content on my blog. Thanks for the post by the way, I loved it

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Iyanuoluwa,

      Yeah, you definitely need quality content on your blog. Both content and backlinks are important. If you just started your blog, build it up with quality content, and then start building backlinks and use Backlinks Indexer to get them indexed.


  3. Lissa

    Hi Ben,
    Thank you for sharing information about backlinks. I have 2 websites and trying to work around on it. I have done some first level backlinks few weeks ago and still watching/waiting for some progress. Anyhow, I’m want to learn more about this second level process. I think the $15/month for 1,500 URL submission is fairly cheap compare to Linklicious. I hope to read more articles about anything that helps boosting/ranking websites. Thanks.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Lissa,

      Yup, Backlinks Indexer is one of the best-priced services out there. If you’re not seeing progress with your backlinks, then try out Backlinks Indexer’s free trial and I’m sure you’ll start seeing a difference within a few days, like I did.

      All the best!

  4. Judith

    What kind of a site uses back links? Does the age of the site make any difference? If I only have one site, can I do this manually? If I only have one site, is there an advantage to using this software?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Judith,

      Any site benefits from backlinks. Whether you have a blog site, an ecommerce site or a product site, backlinks will help it rank in Google.

      The age of the site does make a big difference in how well it will rank in Google. In addition, you don’t want to build too many backlinks to a new site right away, as that can set off alarms for Google. It’s best to build backlinks slowly and gradually.

      You can build backlinks manually, but getting them indexed in Google is a whole other issue. You should build your first level backlinks manually (meaning backlinks to your main site or blog) and then you can use Backlinks Indexer to get your backlinks indexed and build second level backlinks (backlinks to your backlinks).

      Yes, it makes no difference if you have one site or many, this will definitely help you out with your backlinks campaigns.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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