Blog Meets Brand Review — Your Blog is POWER!

blog meets brand reviewYou have a blog. But is there any way to make money from it, besides from Google Adsense and affiliate marketing? There sure is. This Blog Meets Brand review will show you how.

Blog Meets Brand — How It Works

If you have a blog and you have traffic, then you have power. You have the power of reaching people, and even the power of convincing people to purchase something. Not only that, but without blogs and online reviews, many products would not have nearly as much publicity (good or bad) as they do.

That’s why smart marketers know how important it is to connect with bloggers and other influencers. It gets their name out and really helps with brand awareness.

In a way, even a small blog can have a lot more power than a celebrity with thousands of Twitter followers. A tweet comes and goes, and within minutes, it gets pushed down the feed by dozens of other tweets. A blog post review, however, will rank in Google forever.

Think about the difference of a brand name that has no online mentions and a brand name that has dozens of positive reviews from independent bloggers. In the latter case, when you Google the brand name, this is the image that will be projected: A company that is highly popular, well-known, well respected, and loved by its users. All this, even if the company doesn’t actually have that many customers.

blogmeetsbrand reviewSo, How Can Bloggers Tap Into This?

If you’re a blogger, how can you take advantage of this opportunity? If you have a large blog, you’ll probably be approached, through a contact form on your website, by brands who want to be featured on your site. I know that I have been contacted by companies. (Of course, you’ll have to build brand awareness.)

But you don’t have to wait for that! There are a number of online platforms that are geared to connecting brands and bloggers. One such website is Blog Meets Brand.

Signing up as a blogger on Blog Meets Brand is easy. Just fill out your information, such as your blog name, its industry, your social accounts (optional), and other such stuff. Then, just connect your Google Analytics account (easy to do) and you’re set!

Now, brands will be able to contact you and offer to pay you money in order to be featured on your site. You can write a sponsored positive review, for example. Of course, you can decline a request if you don’t like the company, so don’t worry.

So, Is Blog Meets Brand Legit? Can It Really Be True?

Blog Meets Brand is a great place to sign up to if you’re a blogger.

Now, you’re not guaranteed to be contacted by brands all the time. I don’t know how many people use Blog Meets Brand. And, of course, you’re more likely to be contacted if you have a larger site. However, the signup process is so easy and takes such a short time that you’re really throwing money out the window if you don’t sign up. 

UPDATE: Since creating my account a couple of weeks ago, I have received several opportunities via email. They paid anywhere between $50-$300, and didn’t require much, just writing a post and sharing it on social media. Of course, there were requirements to take the opportunity, such as being in a certain niche. Again, I highly recommend you sign up.

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