Blogging for Hire Vs. Blogging for Money

Many writers and bloggers are faced with a hard decision to make: Should they blog for other websites and be paid per article or should they blog for their own website and monetize it through affiliate programs and ad networks?money-1239410

Blogging for Others – Pros and Cons

When blogging for other companies, you will often get paid per word or per article. This is very important for many bloggers, because they, like everyone else, need to make a living. If they get paid $50 per article and need $500 a week, they can write ten blog posts. If they need more money, they can write more articles.

The cons of blogging for others is that at the end of the day, you are working for someone else. You are working to advance someone else’s website. Listen. If they pay you $50 a post, they are obviously making more than a $50 profit from that post.

Why not set up your own website and make all the money?

Blogging for Yourself — Pros and Cons

The pros of blogging for yourself is that once your blog has a nice amount of traffic, you can earn large amounts of passive income, meaning that even if you take a day or two off from work, you can still be earning money from your blog. Another pro is that you do not have to put up with editors and criticism of your work, and you never have to write about drab topics that you have no interest in.

The cons are that it takes a lot of writing, blogging, promoting, and working on your traffic until you will earn a reasonable income. However, if I may say, it is probably worth it in the end.

How to Get Started With Your Own Blog

To get started with your own blog, check out the options here. Or, if you want to learn more about how you can monetize your blog and build a passive income, click here.


  1. christinamk

    Nice article. I like the pro/con approach. Writing one blog article for $50 seems appealing but you are right. In the long run, you can make more if you invest time into building up your own website. Plus, that way you can make passive income. Taking time off from work and still getting paid is way better than $50 per article!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yes, I agree.

      It just takes determination and will.


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