Review — Is BKA Worth It? reviewLooking for some extra writing work and thinking of joining BuyKeywordArticles as a freelancer? Well, let me tell you this: Don’t join until you read this review.

BuyKeywordArticles — What It Is

BuyKeywordArticles, or BKA, is a company that offers writing services to those who need them. Of course, in order to do that, they need writers. Anyone can sign up as a writer.

When you start out, you’ll get paid at a rate of 1.3 cents per word. So you’ll earn $6.50 for 1,000 words.

The Requirements of Writing for BuyKeywordArticles

To write at BKA, you will need to be located in the United States and have Microsoft Word. You also need to commit to writing at least 10-15 articles a week, or 2,000 words.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I do freelance writing, I want it to be freelance writing, not some type of obligation where I must write a certain number of words each week (especially for the low pay rates that BKA pays).

I guess if you’re looking for steady work, though, then it’s a good thing; it gives you a feeling of security knowing that you will always have work to do. On the other hand, I wouldn’t count on it — most article writing companies that I’ve joined have had almost no work at all, and the work that they did have was very infrequent.

buykeywordarticles reviewThe Application Process at BuyKeywordArticles

To apply, you’ll first need to take a short grammar test. It has 20 questions, and you have 15 minutes to answer them. You’ll need to get 85 percent correct in order to pass. However, the questions are extremely easy, and if you can’t answer them, you really shouldn’t be writing anyway.

Next, you’ll need to write two sample articles of 350 words each. I actually hate when companies do that; it’s one thing to ask to see work samples that I’ve previously written, but to ask me to write free content on the mere chance that I might get work? Not good, not good at all.

However, all of my gripes are really irrelevant, because when they gave me the writing assignments, it was very clear that something had gone extremely wrong. They gave me two links to my assignment details, but both links led to pages that were full of gibberish talking about viagra pills! The content made no sense at all and was probably some poor translation from some foreign language. Mind you, both of these pages were hosted on BKA’s website, and they had a footer on the bottom that said something like, “Powered by Canada Viagra Pharmacy.” 😀 😀 😀 LOL.

Looks like their website had been hacked 🙁 Hope they can do something to fix it!

So, Is BuyKeywordArticles a Scam? Can It Really Be True?

BKA looks pretty legit. However, I must say that it’s not for me. The low pay rates, the high expectations, and the hacked website all factor into this.

There are many other writing companies that you can work for; make sure to get my list of 250+ work at home websites for that.

What about you? Have you had any experience with BKA or a similar site? Leave a comment below; the world wants to know!

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