Cash2Likes Review — Get Paid for ‘Liking’ Facebook Pages

What is Likes2Cash? How can you get paid for doing Facebook likes? Find out with this Likes2cash review!

What It Is

Likes2cash is a PTC, or a paid to click, website, where you get paid likes2cash reviewto do small little stuff. However, unlike most paid to click sites, where you get paid to click on advertisements, view offers, and visit websites, at Likes2cash you get paid for clicking the “like” button on Facebook pages.

You see, many people want likes on their Facebook pages or posts, but it is often hard to get them. Facebook ads can be a little on the expensive side, so many Facebook users turn to Likes2cash.

How It Works

You sign up through your Facebook account. You then click on the little boxes. Each box takes you to a different Facebook page. You then click that Facebook page’s ‘like’ button.

When you get back to Likes2cash, you will notice that the box you clicked on turned yellow. You click on that same box again and the system will check to see if you really did the like. If yes, your account will get credited.

Unlike other paid to click websites, where you get paid a fraction of a penny for each click, at Likes2Cash you get paid usually between one and five cents per click. At five cents per click, 100 clicks = $5!

So, Is Likes2Cash Legit? Can It Really Be True?

Well, it looks like a legit website. However, I noticed that when I click on the yellow box to confirm that I liked the Facebook page, it takes the system forever to confirm that I actually liked the page. No matter how many likes I did, I never got anything credited to my account. This was true on every browser and device I tried it on (on one browser I actually got an error message). I tried to leave them a message on their Contact page, but the “submit” button didn’t work.

So, it seems like Likes2Cash is legit, but the owner has not been maintaining the site and the software is outdated. Perhaps you can try it out and report back here if it worked for you? I would appreciate it. (Update: I’ve logged in again after a few months, and the Facebook pages displayed have not changed. It seems like an abandoned site.)

If you are looking for a way to make money online, Likes2Cash is not the place to go. Instead, check out some other recommended programs.

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  1. Lente

    I hope its true

  2. shariful islam

    Comment…I want jobs your site

  3. Simonrandhawa

    Thats my name from simon randhawa

  4. Amit

    Me too experience same as no like detected and on contact us page submit button not working

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Amit,

      It’s good to know that I’m not the only one! Now we all know to stay away.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Cohen

    Sounds interesting – I’ve used several PPC websites in the past, but as you said, they were usually for clicking on ads or offers. They also tended to have pretty low pay and high payout thresholds – Sometimes as high as $30! Could take months to get there.

    5 cents per click seems really good – A little too good to be true, in fact. I doubt its legit. Still, if anyone else finds out, I’d be interested to hear about it.

    1. Bijendra Sharma

      Hi cohen..have you any idea for any other website for paid likes..where i earn some money for likes brother…help me if you have any idea


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