Content Divas – Should You Apply?

What is Content Divas? How can I work for them? Is it worth applying for an account?content divas

Content Divas is a content service provider that provides content to its customers. You can sign up as a writer by sending two writing samples to They want you to submit one article of 400-500 words and one blog post of 250-300 words. You aren’t paid for these articles, but you do retain all rights to them. Visit their hiring page for more information and to find out which topics they want you to write about. (Update: At the time of this writing, they are not accepting new writers.)

You will get a response within two weeks.

So, Is Content Divas Worth It? Can It Really Be True?

Here’s how it works: You will be sent jobs, or batches of articles, from time to time. The pay rates and word count per article will vary. The pay rates aren’t as high as you may earn doing work for private clients, but you can still get paid fairly.

In my opinion, it’s not a bad way to get some extra work every now and then. It’s not like you can rely on this for steady work, but if you feel like you can use some extra writing jobs being sent your way here and there, then this is a good thing for you. I personally have earned over $100  just by writing several articles (albeit long ones).

What’s your opinion? Feel free to let our audience know!

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  1. Marcus

    This sounds very interesting. Finding extra income sources is always a great thing.

    It’s said that the average millionaire have around 7 income streams.

    Can you pick the topics that you are interested in so that you will write about things your good at?

    Is it “only” around 450-500 word blog posts or are there some that’s more?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Marcus,

      No, articles can be double and triple that length.

      I just want to make it clear that work isn’t available steadily, only infrequently. However, as I mentioned, a little extra work every now and then can’t hurt.

      All the best,


  2. Antwnhs

    Hello Ben, interesting article here and it certainly could be a quick way to earn some cash on the side if you are good with writing. I have one question, is it possible for someone to also hire people to write for them through content Divas? wish u the best 🙂

    1. Ben (Post author)

      No, if you want to hire a writer directly the way to do that would be to post a job on a job board such as Peopleperhour or the ProBlogger writing job board. Content Divas acts as a middleman – you contact them and they will send out your project to their writers.

  3. Matthew Thomas

    How much does Content Divas pay for a typical 400-500 word post/article? And do they send enough work your way to build a full-time income? From what I’ve read in other articles, usually writing services like this don’t pay all that much to their writers. Do you have any additional recommendations for online income generation?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      No, you absolutely cannot rely on this for a full-time income — you may only be sent one or two projects per month. However, if each project allows you to write five articles at $50 each, that’s an extra $250-$500 a month. Some articles will pay more and some will pay less; each is different. It’s a nice extra egg basket, though a small one.


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