Content Runner Review – It Looks Good! (But Not A Lot Of Work)

What is Content Runner? How does it work? What are the requirements to work there? Read this Content Runner review to find out!

content runner reviewsHow It Works

Content Runner Basically connects people who need website articles with writers.

People needing articles can either put their job into the open writer board, where any writer can take it, or contact any of the writers listed in the Content Runner directory and offer them an article writing job. The directory can include a short bio of each writer, a photo, a sample article, a suggested rate, etc. This info is submitted by the writers themselves.

Customers can also choose a number of preferred writers and submit job opportunities to them.

Writers can also sell offers, meaning they can put up an offer to write a certain amount of words on a certain topic for a certain price.

Prices can always be negotiated between the customer and the writer.

Content Runner takes a 15% commission, which gradually goes down to 7% depending on how much a writer worked over time.

Payments are made every Tuesday if there is at least $30 in a writer’s account, and every other Tuesday if there is less than $30.

Payments are made via PayPal.

Content Runner Requirements

Anyone can join as a writer. However, writers should spice up their profile with sample articles and a resume if they want to attract customers. The one requirement is that all writers must provide proof of US citizenship to work on projects.

Non-US citizens can work on CrowdFlower, a multitasking place that pays a few cents for small tasks. It’s sort of like mTurk, but with much fewer jobs available.

Content Runner Rules

Content Runner has some rules, such as being blocked for 3 days if you drop articles or fail to submit articles on time.

Can I Make Money On Content Runner?

To date, I have yet to see a single job posted on the open job board. I don’t know if these jobs are just gobbled up right away, or if they just aren’t being posted. I’ve also noticed that all the writer offerings I’ve browsed, though they’ve been up for some time, still have zero purchases.

On the other hand, when browsing the writer directory, I see that many people have completed a number of articles in the last 30 days.

According to the Content Runner website, they have almost 2,000 writers, over 6,000 jobs have been completed, and over $200,000 have been paid to writers (at the time that I am writing this).

So, Is Content Runner Legit? Can It Really Be True?

Content Runner seems to be a legit website. I don’t know how active and popular it is, but it certainly does not hurt to take 10 minutes and set up a writer’s profile there. This way, customers will see you when browsing the writer directory, and who knows? You may even get a job or two.

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  1. Mike

    I am disgusted with thie website content- runner. I submitted U.S. identification over and over many times, and am still not recognized as a u;s. writer. I’m starting to wonder if it is a phishing scam and my identity has been stolen by these people.

  2. Perris

    Hi, I have been writing for CR for 2 years now. I didn’t see a lot of work until my star level went from 3 stars to 4 stars. I currently have a 4.8-star rating and I see work onCR 3-5 times a week. I average about $85 a week on this site. The trick is to watch your star level. A lot of clients don’t want to work with writers that have less than a 4-star level. I suspect that quality is the reason why. I don’t think that setting your per word rate or spending an excessive amount of time on your profile is going to do it. It’s all in the work. I have given my profile very little attention and have managed to have repeat clients just based upon my writing. Anyone can do it, but it’s really all in the work itself more than anything. Even the $85 weekly I earn there is simply because I don’t take more work. The potential really seems to be anywhere from $85 to $200.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Wow, that’s nice to hear. I never saw any week there at all. I would assume that starting out, it’s hard to find any work. I have been registered there for many months now, and have yet to receive any work.

  3. aishahomemadecupcakerecipes

    Thanks for the review. It seems like Content Runner is still very small time at the moment, however has the potential to grow into something quite lucrative for many writers out there. It actually reminds me of helium/hubpages but with the potential to make more money. Perhaps some more suggestions of how it could be utilised by ‘buyers’ would be helpful – just a thought! Good article overall. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yes, perhaps they can use a little more advertising. 🙂

      As for the buyers, they can simply browse the writer directory, where they can see each writer’s statistics, including reviews, sample article, bio, and much more.Thanks for commenting!


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