CopyPress Review — A Place to Find Extra Work?

copypress reviewWhat is CopyPress? Is it a good place to find writing work? Read this FULL CopyPress review to find out.

CopyPress — What It Is

CopyPress is a community of freelancers, including copywriters, bloggers, editors, and other freelancers. They provide information and guides on how to improve your writing skills.

They also supposedly offer freelance work to their members. To find work, you need to set up a profile showscasing your experience. You also take tests and earn certification badges. These tests focus on writing and blogging (they’re not the same thing; the blogging test will focus on things related to writing a good blog post, not on grammar and spelling).

You can either browse their jobs section or wait until they contact you with jobs.

Will You Really Get Work On CopyPress?

I joined CopyPress a while back. It’s probably around a year already, maybe even more. I have yet to be contacted once with a job offer. All I got was occasional emails telling me to fill out my tax information and send my W9, which I already did. (See update below.)

The jobs board hasn’t been updated in almost a year. There are a few freelance positions available there, though many are full-time CONTRACT positions offered by CopyPress themselves in various fields, including writing and graphic design and such things. Not the type of freelance writing work that a usual freelance writer would be looking for. 

They do have a listing for occasional freelance writing work, but they say that all you need to do is complete the tests and they will contact you when work is available. Never happened.

It’s not just me. In my CopyPress profile, I added one of my websites, which I created to showcase my writing experience and resume. I never really used it though, but one day I decided to check my site email. I saw an email from another CopyPress writer who found my profile, saw my site and emailed me, wanting to know if I ever received any work from CopyPress. She said she had been there for a while and never received anything.

*UPDATE*: After sending in my W9 again, I started to receive work on an infrequent basis (like a few times a month). They usually come in batches of a few articles at a time, each one being 500 words and paying $25. Now, that’s not bad at all. At the same time, you have to get used to their rules for writing, formatting and inserting pictures, and you will also get edit requests from editors for silly reasons. It also seems like it takes around 90 days for an article to be approved by the client and submitted for an invoice, and then it takes some time for a check to come in the mail, though there may be a Paypal option as well where you get paid twice a month.

So, Is CopyPress Worth Your Time? Can It Really Be True?

CopyPress seems legit, but they don’t seem to have any jobs to offer you. It doesn’t hurt to join, but it might be a waste of time to take their tests (unless you want to be able to add on your writing resume that you are a “certified CopyPress writer and blogger,” which might help you find private clients).

You’re probably better off just searching a writing job board such as ProBlogger and subscribing to daily writing jobs updates from and the Morning Coffee Newsletter.


  1. Ricki

    Hi Ben, I had the same experience with this one. Thanks for offering alternatives. I like ProBlogger’s boards a lot. Hadn’t heard of the Morning Coffee Newsletter? Could you share a link?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Ricki!

      You can sign up to the newsletter here:

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Alice

    Wow, a year is a while… sounds like it’s not very busy at CopyPress, and it’s good to know there are alternatives worth checking out.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Alice,

      See my update above.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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