Crowd Content Review

What in the world is Crowd Content? Read this Crowd Content Review to find out!

crowd content reviewHow It Works

Well, Crowd Content works basically like most content mills: jobs are posted, and writers can accept these jobs.  Every writer has a rank, and can accept jobs accordingly. The rank is determined first by evaluation of the writing sample that writers submit upon applying, and later by reviews which are given by customers. I’m not saying that you can earn a full-time income from this; you can’t. You should check out my recommended programs for that. But it is good for some extra freelance work here or there.

Here is the pay that each rank can earn (there are only 4 ranks):

Crowd Content Review

Pretty nice for a content mill, eh?

The first rate is the standard rate, and the second number is the bonus rate, which writers can earn if they are good boys and girls, meaning if they continually keep their deadlines and are punctual.

On the other hand, it’s also a little strict: 3 strikes, and you’re OUT! Booted from the site FOREVER. What’s a strike, you ask? 1: Not meeting a deadline; 2: Not meeting a revision deadline; or 3: Dropping a job after half an hour of accepting it.

This I don’t like: If I’m on vacation, and I’m requested to revise an article, woe unto me if I don’t do it in 24 hours. However, if after getting a strike you are a good boy/girl again for another 5 articles, your strikes get erased, and you have a clean slate.

You can also earn some money by writing tweets and facebook posts.

Pay is every second Friday, provided you have at least $10 in your account.

What Does The Application Entail?

A writing sample. Also a few other things, like a pen name and a real photo.

My Experience

I got accepted and was rated a 1-star writer. Okay, that’s what’s presented to clients as the “entry level,” so I guess that’s standard. That was also what I was informed in the welcome email. (Personally, you earn as much as a 1-star writer there as you do as a 4- or even 5-star writer in many other content mills.)  UPDATE: I now see that I am actually a 3-star writer. Strange, since I never did any work there.

But I was also informed that even if I don’t see a lot of jobs available, I shouldn’t worry because they are preparing for a lot of clients in 2016, and hence, they need plenty of writers. UPDATE: Yes, a lot of work has been available throughout 2016. However, the type of writing assignments personally didn’t fit my style, so I haven’t done any of them.

You can also get social points by writing for their blog and/or commenting on it, which you can trade in for cash, but those must be really high quality. UPDATE: Crowd Content has unveiled a new program where writers can make money by commenting on clients’ blogs. I didn’t really figure out how it worked, though I tried to.

Pros & Cons

Well, I really like the fact that a client can’t simply reject an article. Each rejection must be reviewed by admin 🙂

The pay is also pretty good. 🙂

On the other hand…If a client was in a grumpy mood and didn’t like your work and gave you a low rating, that can affect your earnings. Many content mills, if not most, work that way. 🙁 Hopefully, you’ll have enough good reviews so the few and in-between bad ones will hardly make a dent!

So, Is Crowd Content Good? Can It Really Be True?

Crowd Content is a decent and legit way to make money through writing online. You won’t become rich, and you won’t hae top-paying jobs, but you can make a nice amount of extra money through freelance writing.

If you have written for Crowd Content, why not leave your review below?

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  1. Tai Chi Charley

    I really like the thorough review. It sounds like you really like the company but they don’t have any work for the beginner. Might be a good idea to wait to see if they can build a client base before moving forward with them.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yeah, I’m wondering what’s going on there 🙂


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