Daily Article Review – A Constant Content Alternative?

is dailyarticle.com legitWhat Is DailyArticle.com? Read this review to find out!

How It Works

Anyone can set up an account with Daily Article, and can then upload articles to be sold. Writers set their own price.

Articles are reviewed by an editor to make sure that they have proper grammar and spelling and pass CopyScape.

Daily Article takes a commission off each sale, 15 or 20 percent, I can’t even remember which.

Is Daily Article Worth It?

Most articles are being sold for between 10 and 20 dollars, sometimes less, sometimes up to $100.

The site seems pretty dead. I look at the upload date of the articles listed there, and they all seem to be from 2009 and 2010! (I’m writing this at the end of 2015.) The articles under the politics category are soo outdated! I had some articles up there for weeks; I don’t even think they got posted, I couldn’t even find them anywhere. The site is filled with senseless HTML that all seem to include the owner’s first name! (Shanda Harper.) The site doesn’t even work properly — I couldn’t go to the second page of listed articles.

Even trying to list an article under Free Articles, which usually have such terrible spelling and grammar that I assume there’s no editing, didn’t seem to do anything! I still couldn’t find it! No new articles there either.

No one even seems to be downloading these free articles – try Googling parts of them — I’ve tried it by two very good articles and found nothing.

Does Daily Article Pay?

Payments are made via PayPal.

Whether they actually pay or not, I think I’ve seen conflicting reports online. But then again, this Ripoff Report about Harper being lax about payments for articles previously uploaded may just be because she had already abandoned the site.

So, Is DailyArticle.com Legit? Can It Really Be True?

I don’t know what’s going on there. It seems like it was a nice Constant Content alternative in days past, but it seems like it hasn’t been very profitable and was subsequently abandoned by the owner.

Is there anyone out there who has sold articles on DailyArticle.com? If so, please enlighten us! Tell us what in the world it’s all about!

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  1. Marcus

    I’d never heard of Daily Article before, but a quick visit to their website shows that it is indeed dead. It was a blank page with just some text saying that the system folder path isn’t set properly.

    Personally, I think Text Broker a great article trading site. It is good both for article writers and for those wanting to get content for their websites. Fair pay and good quality articles, what more could you want?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yikes, at least when I wrote this review the site was still up, but now it’s indeed a blank page.

      By the way, I don’t think TextBroker is good — writers are outstandingly underpaid and website owners will get low-quality contnet. It’s only good if you need plenty of SEO contnet for a low price or if you’re a writer that has absolutey no other option.

  2. Sofi

    interesting content you have

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Thank you 🙂

  3. Lynne

    Hi Ben
    It seems that Daily Article is really not worth the time. Surely there are two sides to writing articles for them. The first being that you could be paid for it, so you can earn an income. The second would be to gain authority for yourself.
    Personally I am not so sure about using this method to write for a living. The possible pay per article is quite low anyway and then it isn’t even on your own website!
    I might not be paid immediately when I write an article for my own website, it may take a while to earn anything but the difference is that I can earn over and over from my blogs. Certainly a lot more than $10 or $20!
    It also just seems there is no information available on whether this website is even still being used. Not much point then!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Well, the point of people who work as freelancers is that they must make a living, and can’t wait a year to earn money from an article. I do agree that in the long run, having a website is better, certainly it is a long term plan that should be considered.

      Articles can actually be sold at whatever price you want, just the average price that people sold them seemed to be around $20. The point was that some people aren’t accepted by Constant-Content, a similar site that actually does allow you to sell usage rights for an article an infinite amount of times. Constant Content articles usually sell at an average price of $30-60 an article, depending on whether it’s usage rights or copyright rights. If only usage rights are sold, you can still use it yourself, but not for SEO means. In any case, this is not really relevant, because DailyArticle is basically defunct 🙁

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!:)


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