Daily Paycheck Network Review

What is the Daily Paycheck Network? Doesn’t it sound great? A paycheck each day! Hmmm…

daily paycheck network reviewWhat Is The Daily Paycheck Network?

The Daily Paycheck Network, owed by Steve Wirsig, is basically a front for Zip Nada Zilch and Empower Network.

So to understand what this Daily Paycheck Network is, we first have to understand what is Zip Nada Zilch.

Zip Nada Zilch

Zip Nada Zilch is a program where you get a commission by referring people to sign up to them. ZipNadaZilch Single pays you $10 per referral, while ZipNadaZilch Double pays you $20 per referral. You can get paid for each and every referral (hence the name “Daily Paycheck”).

After your referral joins, they can start referring people as well!

(You do not gain anything from your referral’s referrals, so this is not a pyramid scheme.)

Hey, doesn’t that sound great? But certainly, there’s a catch!? How does ZipNadaZilch make any money?

Well, in order to start referring people to ZipNadaZilch, you must first earn 1 credit, by completing one or more offers. For ZipNadaZilch Double, you must earn 2 credits in order to start earning commissions. These offers cost money.

There are some free trials, to be fair, but they still usually require a credit card.

So that is how ZipNadaZilch makes money — by earning commissions from their offers.

That’s ZipNadaZilch. So…

What Is Daily Paycheck Network?

Well, it’s just the owner’s way of getting you to sign up to ZipNadaZilch.

Daily Paycheck Network review

The Daily Paycheck Network is just a front to get you to sign up to ZipNadaZilch and other questionable companies.

What it basically is is that after signing up to ZipNadaZilch through Daily Paycheck Network, instead of sending people off directly to ZipNadaZilch, you can simply send them off to the Daily Paycheck Network through your Daily Paycheck Network affiliate link, and get them to sign up to BOTH ZipNadaZilch Single AND ZipNadaZilch Double, AND, possibly, ZNZ AdTeam and Empower Network.

If they sign up to ZipNadaZilch through your Daily Paycheck Network account, you get the ZNZ commission.

In other words, you get to kill up to 4 birds with one stone, or at least two.

So, if you’re signing up to DailyPaycheck Network by going directly to their website, the owner will receive a commission from ZNZ, and if you’re signing up through another website’s link, that website’s owner is receiving a commission or two from ZNZ.

So for people involved already in ZipNadaZilch and Empower Network, this is a golden opportunity.

The owner of Daily Paycheck Network, I assume, is involved in advertising about the Daily Paycheck Network, which is how he gets people to sign up directly through the website so he gets a commission. That’s my assumption, anyway.

From the program’s leaderboard, or traffic stats, where you can see all the members’ referral numbers, it seems that there are only 33 people involved in this.

Can I Make Money Through The Daily Paycheck Network?

Well, yes, if you already are an experienced internet marketer, say, for example, if you have a well-visited website.

But if not, and you have no experience in online marketing, then how in the world are you going to go about getting people to sign up to ZipNadaZilch through your affiliate link?

Training And Resources

Does The Daily Paycheck Network offer training for its members?

No. There are a few short general videos, which you can actually view on their YouTube channel (just type Daily Paycheck Network into the Youtube search bar), but they are totally inadequate in terms of affiliate marketing training.

They do have a few resources, in the form of links to domain registration companies, links to companies that will provide paid traffic to your website, and so on.

So, Is The Daily Paycheck Network Real? Can It Really Be True?


I don’t think this is an honest company. Why? Well, even if you are an experienced online affiliate marketer, who do you plan on signing up to ZipNadaZilch? Surely not other affiliate marketers, who are the only people who could actually benefit from ZNZ?

You likely will be preying on desperate people looking to make $$$ online, who will sign up to ZNZ, waste money on the offers, and then won’t be able to make any use from this.

That why it’s bad and worthless.

I do not recommend the Daily Paycheck Network.

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  1. Mary

    I tried to set up on Daily Paycheck. Email listed and sponsor email do not work. When I tried to log back into the site it indicated that my email and password were not valid.

  2. Debra

    I really enjoyed your review of the Daily paycheck network and you make a very significant point. If you are not already established as a creditable internet marketer how exactly will you go about getting all the referrals?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yeah, but not only that: Even if you are an experienced internet marketer, the only people who can benefit from ZipNadaZilch or Daily Paycheck Network are fellow internet marketers. So who are you going to market and promote ZNZ to? Other marketers? Unlikely. Desperate people who will sign up thinking that this is their path to financial freedom and waste money for no reason so YOU can earn a commission? Very likely. It’s totally unethical.


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