Domainite Review — What I Learned

domainite reviewAre you a writer looking for more writing work? One of the companies on my 250+ Work at Home Websites List is Domainite, so I thought that I would write a quick review about this company.

Domainite — What It Is

Domainite is a company that provides web services such as website building, SEO, link building, social media marketing, and copywriting. Of course, they need writers and editors to be able to provide writing and editing services, so they’re occasionally hiring new writers.

The Application Process at Domainite

The application link is missing on their actual website; it’s been removed from the menu. This is probably because they’re not hiring now. You can still find their application links on their sitemap, though (which you can access next to the social media buttons on the top-right of their site).

You can still try and apply to them. To apply, you’ll need to submit a writing sample; you can choose a writing sample that you had previously written. For editing, you’ll need to edit a sample that they give you.

What Happened When I Applied to Domainite?

When I applied to Domainite, which must have been more than a year ago, I got a response back that they weren’t currently hiring. However, the person who answered me directed me to a site called the IAPWE, which supposedly offered writing work at a few cents per word. I did apply to that site, and I was accepted. You can read my IAPWE review here.

Domainite Reviews Around the Web

I usually don’t write reviews about companies that I don’t have much personal experience with. Since I haven’t actually written for Domainite, I have to rely on reviews from around the web. To make it easier on you, I’ll do the research for you and tell you what I found:

  • reviews: Mostly positive. Three positive reviews, one negative review, complaining about picky editors.
  • Reddit: One worker claimed to have made over $1k with them. They also said that they had to pay for Copyscape in order to work there, but it only cost $10.
  • WAHM: Reporting that they pay only one cent per word.

So, Is Domainite Legit? Can It Really Be True?

Domainite seems rather legit to me. The guy I talked to seemed rather nice and professional, though I don’t know what connection he has with IAPWE.

I still include Domainite on my work at home list, though I’m not sure if they’re currently hiring. It certainly doesn’t hurt to try and apply, especially if you already have a sample prepared. I personally have long given up on applying to content mills that reject most applications, pay retardedly low wages, and have almost no work available.


  1. Vaughn Hamilton

    This sounds very similar to my situation too, interestingly enough. I applied with Domainite and after a month – after I’d forgotten what I even applied for – they contacted me and said there were no open positions but referred me to IAPWE. I did hear back from IAPWE after another month and just signed up with them to see what all the fuss is about (to be or not to be legit). All this is starting to sound kind of fishy. Just sayin’.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Thanks for commenting Vaughn. We are all left wondering now 😀


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