Dosh Cash Back App Review – Earn Money for Eating Out and Staying at Hotels

In this Dosh cash back app review, you’ll learn how you can save big time when eating out, staying at hotels, and simply shopping online. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is!

dosh cash back app reviewDosh Cash Back App Review Summary

The Dosh app is a cool app that will give you cash back when you shop at local restaurants and stay at hotels. It is pretty easy to sign up atn use. You can also earn cash back for online purchases.

Signing Up to Dosh

Signing up to Dosh is as simple as downloading the app on your phone and filling out your name and email, and linking a card. In order to qualify for cash back at local restaurants, you need to link a card. You will get $5 when you do that. Linking your card is as simple as filling out your card number and expiration date. Linking another two cards will get you another two dollars.

Getting Cash Back

Once you’ve linked your card, you can start shopping at nearby establishments. You will see a list of nearby participating establishments on the app. Many offer 7% cash back. At participating Denny’s branches, you can get 10% cash back (as of now). You can get 5% cash back at Forever 21 in-store purchases.

When booking your first hotel, you will get a bonus $25 to your account, in addition to your cashback. You can enter any destination and see a list of hotels and how much you will save each night. For example, in New York, you can get as much as $23 a night in cash back money. Add that to saving five to ten percent when eating out, and you are saving a lot of money.

You can also click on the “online” tab to earn cash back on online purchases. When I look right now, I see that I can get up to 10% cash back at Invite Health and up to 7.5% cashback at Fitbit and Bed Bath & Beyond. These are just examples.

Earn by Referring Friends

You can also earn by referring friends. For each friend that you refer who links their card and makes a purchase that qualifies for cash back, you will earn $5.

Getting Paid by Dosh

At Dosh, you only need $15 to get paid, which is pretty cool. You will get paid pretty quickly, within days or even hours.

Dosh vs Ebates

I think you can and should use both Dosh and Ebates. Ebates is better for when you do your online shopping. The Dosh app is better for when you shop at restaurants and local stores and when you travel. Ebates also has an in-store cashback program that you can use from their website or their app. You can certainly use both Ebates and Dosh — you’ll be able to save more that way!

So, Is Dosh Legit or a Scam? Can It Really Be True?

Dosh is definitely an app you should be using if you eat out a lot or travel to hotels a lot. Even if you eat out only occasionally, you are simply leaving money on the table if you do not have Dosh installed on your phone. There’s nothing to lose and free money to gain.

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