Eight FREE Ways to Build Your Social Media Following & Get Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers

how to build a social media followingWe all know that having a large social media presence is important if you want to grow your online business. But how do you go about getting such a presence? If you start a new Facebook page, how do you get your first fans? How do you get your first Twitter followers, and how do you get likes for your Youtube videos?

Must you spend hundreds of dollars on social media advertising in order to grow your network? The answer is a resounding no.

There are many programs out there that will allow you to get an unlimited amount of Facebook likes, Twitter followers and retweets, Youtube views, Google Plus followers, and so on and so forth for FREE.

In this article, we will explore eight different programs of that nature, eight different ways how to build a social media following.


Like4Like is likely the most widely used program of this nature, and it is probably the most popular free Facebook likes software. Here’s how it works: You pick a social channel, such as Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Twitter follows, etc. You then like other people’s Facebook pages, share their Facebook posts, follow them on Twitter, and so on. With each like, share, and follow, you earn credits. You can then use these credits to get likes on your own Facebook page or get other people to follow you on Twitter!

There are many ways to build a social media following using Like4Like. Here is a list of the various social channels available:

  • like4like reviewFacebook likes, subscribes, shares, and comments
  • Youtube likes, subscribes, comments, and views
  • Twitter follows, retweets, and likes
  • Stumbleupon follows
  • Google Plus shares, plus ones, and follows
  • Pinterest follows, repins, and likes
  • Soundcloud Likes, follows, reposts, and listenings
  • Instagram follows, likes, and comments
  • Vkontakte follows and joins
  • MySpace connections
  • Website views
  • Flickr favorites
  • Vine likes, follows, and reVines
  • Twitch followers
  • Vimeo likes and follows
  • Reverbnation fans
  • Ok.ru joins
  • AskFm likes

The good part is that you can earn credits on one social channel and then use them for another channel. For example, you can earn credits by liking Facebook pages and then use those credits to get Twitter followers.

I must mention that many people set up fake Twitter accounts just to follow people at Like4Like, and you will also find that many people will unfollow you or delete their accounts.

However, the point is that if you have a new Facebook page, it will look bad if you just have a few dozen likes. By using Like4Like, you can have a page with lots of likes in a short while, even if some of the likes are from fake accounts. The same goes for Twitter followers, Youtube likes and views, and so on. It just builds trust and makes you look good. It’s also a great way how to get more likes for a Facebook business page.


addmefast reviewAddMeFast is similar to Like4Like, though the layout is very different. At AddMeFast, you can like Facebook pages, follow people on Twitter and Google Plus, and so on and so forth, in exchange for which you will earn credits. You can then use these credits to get likes, followers, shares, comments and more for your own social channels. Basically all of the social channels covered at Like4Like are covered by AddMeFast as well.

You can also use AddMeFast to get website views.

AddMeFast doesn’t seem to get that much traffic. It still is useful, but results can be a bit slower than at Like4Like.

Social Media Traffic Exchange

how to get more likes for a facebook business pageSocial Media Traffic Exchange is a fairly new site at the time of this writing, but it already has a few hundred members, and it is growing rapidly. It allows you to earn coins for following people on Twitter, retweeting tweets, liking Facebook pages, visiting websites, and so on. You can then use these coins to get your own likes, followers, retweets, website visits, and more.

All links that are submitted are manually reviewed in order to ensure that no gambling, drugs, adult content or other problematic topics are posted.

Social Media Traffic Exchange also has a banner exchange program.

IBO Exchange

IBO Exchange is very similar to Social Media Traffic Exchange — in fact, the layout is almost exactly the same. It also has the same options.  I’m not sure who the owner is, but it’s not a bad site, even if results can be a bit slow.


Hit4Hit works a little differently than the other programs mentioned here. It has three main features: Traffic exchanges, banner exchanges, and “page battles.”

Traffic exchanges are exactly like they sound: You visit other people’s websites and earn credits. You can then use these credits to get other people to visit your website.

how to build a social media followingThere are actually two ways to visit websites and earn credits: One is automated, meaning you just press a button and do nothing — the website page won’t even show up. Instead, a bot will visit the page for you, and you will earn 4 credits. The point of this is to increase pageviews, which can help slightly for SEO (the truth is that it will end up hurting your site in the long run — I explain why soon). You can also manually visit a website, in which case the website page will load on the Hit4Hit interface. You will then earn 18 credits per manual website view.

Banner exchanges mean that you place other people’s banners on your site. You will earn credits depending on your site rank and how popular your site is. You can then use these credits to get other people to place your banners on their sites.

What’s the “battle of the pages?” What you do is view two websites or Facebook pages side by side. You then vote on which one is better, meaning which one is designed better and looks better. You earn credits for each vote. Afterward, you can submit your own website, Facebook page, or Youtube video for a battle, and you will be able to see how other people voted on your site or page compared to someone else’s site. This enables you to analyze your website and improve it.

I just want to mention that I do not recommend traffic exchanges. Traffic exchanges are bad because they increase your bounce rate tremendously. People or bots visiting your site and then quickly leaving show Google that your site is not interesting, and that really hurts your website rank.

Just Retweet

screenshot-2016-09-22-at-3-53-44-pmAt Just Retweet, the focus is not on getting followers, but on getting people to retweet your tweets. There is also an option of getting people to like your messages on Facebook and Google Plus.

First, you sign in by connecting your twitter account. Then, what you do is retweet other people’s tweets to your timeline, for which you get credits. Sometimes you can also get credits for liking something on Facebook or Google Plus.

You can then submit a tweet and choose a number of credits to use for each retweet. You can also choose whether to allow people to like it on Facebook and/or Google Plus or not. Each tweet must be approved by a moderator.

Just Retweet is a quality site, because of the moderators. People with large twitter accounts use it, and no spam is allowed. This makes it better for everyone.

Viral Content Buzz

free facebook likes softwareViral Content Buzz doesn’t actually grow your social media accounts directly. Rather, it helps you get your website pages and posts shared by many other people on social media.

This is how it works: In your dashboard, you will see various messages with links that can be shared on Twitter. Each time you share one of these messages on Twitter, you earn a few credits. If you have enough Facebook friends, you may be able to share these messages on Facebook as well.

Once you have at least 10 credits, you can create your own project. You will be asked to enter a link, create a short 80 character title, which will be shared on Twitter, and a longer description, which will be shared on Facebook if you choose to allow people to share on Facebook. You can also allow people to share it on Pinterest if you include an image.

You then pick a category and submit your project for review by a moderator.

Viral Content Buzz is really helpful in getting a lot of people to share your blog posts on social media. Members of Viral Content Buzz must have quality social media accounts, and many members have thousands of followers. Having your link shared on so many accounts not only increases your exposure, it also greatly increases your webpage’s SEO rank.

The one downside with Viral Content Buzz is that they are a little strict. They don’t allow you to submit affiliate reviews, they only allow one hashtag per message, and they have other rules that can be annoying. Of course, this also helps the community be a quality one.

Cash Blurbs

how to get more likes for a facebook pageCash Blurbs is another exchange program where you share someone’s short message and link on Twitter or Facebook in exchange for someone else sharing your own message and link. However, members at Cash Blurbs are often involved in get-rich-quick schemes, and those are what the messages are often about. Also, a lot of the social accounts people on Cash Blurbs use to share your messages are just fake ghost accounts set up for this purpose only. Some people even game the system and post messages without sharing anyone else’s message or by sharing someone’s message and immediately deleting it. In short, it is unlike Just Retweet, Viral Content Buzz, and Social Media Traffic Exchange in that there is no moderation, and, as a result, has some low-quality users.

However, this also has an advantage — you can actually get people to share your affiliate links! Since there are no strict rules, affiliate links are allowed. There are some people with big social networks, such as a few thousand followers, who use Cash Blurbs, and getting your affiliate link shared on their channels can bring in some sales. However, you will have to use a link shortener such as Bitly in order to get the link to fit in the message. Also, in the USA you will have to include a short affiliate disclaimer, such as “#Promoted” or “#Ad”.


These eight programs are great for getting free Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and more. They are great ways how to grow your social media accounts and get more likes for your Facebook page. I do want to mention that all of the programs above allow you to buy credits in bulk as well, but I didn’t mention that until now because I wanted to show you how you can grow your social media accounts for free.

What are your thoughts about these programs? Do you think some are better than others? Do you think they are a waste of time? Do you have another program you want to let us know about? Just leave a comment below!

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  1. Merry

    Hi Ben! Nice work here. The sites you suggested for sharing are all pretty new to me as well. I have tried others on facebook but they are mostly duds and not at all like you have here. I will be sure to check these out. Thank you for the great information.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Merry,

      I’m glad you liked it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy these other tools to grow your business.

      All the best,


  2. Anthony

    Hey Ben. Nice comprehensive review here. I have heard of a couple of the sites/services you mention in your piece, but some of the others are totally new to me. I’ll definitely have to check them out. Many thanks for putting it all together.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      You are welcome Anthony. And if you need website comments or feedback, just check out this tool.

      Have a great day,


  3. Ralph

    Oh man, I always wondered how certain people can get so many likes. By reading your review I see there are quite a few ways to improve your social media network. I plan on using some of these to help improve mine in the future. Great review and very helpful.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Ralph,

      Yeah, things aren’t always as they seem, huh?

      But of course, your end goal is to get your likes and followers from organic sources. Likes4Likes and the other programs I mentioned are great for starting out (and for getting EXTRA likes to make you look good 🙂 ), but ultimately, the point of social media marketing is to drive traffic to your website, where you can earn money through affiliate programs and ads.

      People who set up Twitter accounts just to follow people on Like4Like are not going to be really following and reading your tweets. They are not likely to visit your website anytime soon. The same goes for many of the people who “like” you on Facebook.

      But sure, when you are starting out, I do recommend that you utilize Like4Like, because it does look kinda sad when the only person who liked your Facebook page is yourself 😀

      And Viral Content Buzz and Just Retweet are always useful in promoting your content.

      Quick Tip: There are a number of ways to get organic content. The most obvious way is by being active on social media. On Twitter, using hashtags will get a lot of people’s attention, because people use Twitter’s search bar to search for recent tweets with popular hashtags in them. With Facebook, you can use Facebook ads to boost your post (they are pretty affordable), and you can invite your friends to like your page.

      Another way of getting organic likes and followers is by getting visitors to your website from Google through SEO methods and then getting them to like your page — having a Facebook widget in your sidebar like I have is a great way to do that.

      Hoping you find this info useful,


  4. Jason

    This has been very helpful to me so I would like to express my appreciation to you for providing these social sharing links.

    I may sign up to at least one of the websites to see how my social following improves.

    I have always been focussed on using SEO to get traffic to my website and have never really dabbled into to Social media aspect of traffic.

    Today, I can say that by reading this post, my outlook has now changed.

    Thank you once more and I will be looking out for some more of your useful content.


    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Jason,

      SEO — organic search traffic — is definitely the bulk of most websites’ traffic sources. However, it is never a good idea to place all of your eggs in one basket. For example, what happens if Google puts out a major update that totally changes the ranking algorithms and you lose a lot of your rankings and traffic? When Google put out its Panda updates, many established internet marketers lost big time. They were relying on their backlinks and black hat methods to get high rankings, and their websites really lost their value.

      If you have a large social following, it’s always another basket, another great traffic source.

      All the best,


  5. Linda

    Hi Ben,

    Your article is fantastic! There is so much ‘behind the scenes’ stuffs one can do to build their business and I had no idea about most of what you offer here. I’m actually going to add this link to my favorites so I don’t lose it and can take your suggestions step by step. Thank you.


    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Linda,

      I am glad you found my article useful. 🙂

  6. Denise

    I am so happy I stumbled on to your site today. I’ve been having trouble with building my social network. But now with the tools you just wrote about like like 4like I feel a lot better about it.
    This post just made my day in ways you can’t imagine. As a beginner in online marketing, I need all the free useful tools I can put my hand on because I don’t have the budget to buy other tools.
    I’ll get right on it now.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Denise,

      I’m glad you found the info useful. And if you need any more tips, just message me and I will be glad to help you out. 🙂

      All the best,


  7. salbene

    Hello Ben,

    Wow that is amazing, I swear I didn’t even know that this stuff is out there. I was thinking about getting more likes on my page by ordering some gig on fiverr.com but that is really nice they have those programs.I am guessing the programs you suggest are all free arent they? by the way what do you think, do you think its better to just order a gig on fiverr.com or use those platforms?

    Seriously let me know, thanks Ben

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Salbene,

      Yeah, a lot of people are unaware of these programs.

      I know some people use Fiverr to get likes, followers and stuff. The first difference is that Fiverr will cost money, while these are available for free.

      The second thing to consider is that the people at Fiverr will be using automated systems, and you will be getting lots of likes and follows from bots. Like4Like has anti-bot features built in (you will notice them if you log in), so most of the likes are coming from real people, even if they set up a Twitter account just to follow people on Like4Like.

      By the way, you can purchase thousands of credits on Like4Like for cheap. If you don’t have the time to spend on liking other people’s pages in order to get credits, you can certainly purchase credits. I would probably do that rather than use Fiverr — I don’t trust the people offering these services there. I have no way of knowing if they will follow through and actually deliver the likes, and I don’t like the idea of having thousands of bots following me.

  8. Xdeem Li

    Hi Ben,

    This is a great article, very informative. I learned quite a bit. I was going to try like4like, but since you mentioned many fake accounts, I am no longer interested. Fake Facebook accounts are totally worthless! Viral content buzz looks good, and I’m going to check them out. Thanks.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Xdeem,

      Viral Content Buzz really is useful. As for the likes and follows from fake accounts, I would not discount them so quickly. First of all, many people do use their real Facebook account to like pages on Like4Like. On Twitter, you are right — most of the accounts have no followers but are following hundreds of people, until they delete that account and start again. However, as I have said, the point is to display a better image of your brand — if you have only 10 likes on your Facebook page or only five Twitter followers, it doesn’t look good. It looks much better if you have lots of likes and shares, even if they are ‘real.’

      Also, people will be more likely to like a page that already has hundreds of likes and shares. They have no way of knowing if the hundreds of likes are ‘real’ or not.

      Also, likes can help for SEO. You also have the option of getting Facebook comments, so that is also useful.

  9. Katie

    Hi Ben, that was a great article. I had no idea these sites were available. And I learned alot from your tips too. like bounce rate. Never thought of that til you mentioned it.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Katie,

      Yes, bounce rates do hurt your site. That is why I do not recommend traffic exchanges. Besides, the traffic you will get from these programs is useless. They are not interested at all in what you have to offer; they just want to earn their credits. With Hit4Hit’s automatic traffic feature, you just get a bot visiting your site, which is even worse. The reason they do it because some people think it is beneficial to get a lot of pageviews, even if those pageviews are by bots. However, this method certainly does not work anymore. Google is smarter than that.

      All the best,


  10. Brandon

    Hey Ben, I’ve actually used Like4Like in the past, I typically like how easy it is to use while some others can be quite confusing or ‘a little difficult’ to get use to. I’ve never heard of Just Retweet but after reading about it on your site it looks like something I want to use. I’m currently trying to build up my twitter followers so this is definitely good for that.


    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Brandon,

      Have you ever tried out any of the other programs I mentioned? I am curious as to your experiences with them.

      By the way, if you need other tools, like getting comments on your website or getting website feedback, I have a post on that as well, and I suggest you check it out.

      All the best,


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