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fan page robot reviewI recently came across a new product called Fanpage Robot on Clickbank, so I decided to purchase it so that I can try it out for myself and create a Fanpage Robot review. I actually liked it a lot and I’ll continue to use it.

What Does Fan Page Robot Do?

Fan Page Robot ( has a number of cool features. To get started, you’ll need to connect your Facebook account. Connecting your Twitter and other social media accounts takes just a few clicks. You can then use Fan Page Robot to schedule posts in advance, let it generate content for you based on keywords or preferences and post it automatically, or use its great tool called to do some cool stuff, which I’ll show you soon. In addition, you can buy Facebook likes, Facebook comments, website traffic, Instagram and Youtube views and likes, and more. Let’s go into all these features one by one.

Schedule Posts In Advance

First of all, you can use Fan Page Robot to schedule posts in advance. In that regard, it’s similar to Hootsuite or Buffer. Basically, just write out a post, and select a time you want it to be posted on your Facebook fan page feed, Twitter feed, or any other social media account that you own. If you want, you can let it schedule the posts automatically for you.

However, there are some additional tools that you won’t find in Hootsuite or Buffer. First of all, there is a hashtag analysis tool. When you enter a hashtag into the post editing area, they will immediately give you an overview of the potential reach of that post. This includes how many tweets with that hashtag per hour get posted per hour on average, how many views and retweets they get, and more.

You can also immediately change your links to a link. These are special links that let you place signup forms on any site you want. I’ll talk more about that later.

fan page robot reviewThe Generate Content Tool

The Generate Content tool lets you find trending recent articles, images, videos and more from around the web and social media. You can then post any of that content straight to your social media feeds with just two clicks. The URL will be accompanied by a title and instruction, which they will pull from the article itself. It’s a great way to find high-quality content to share. You can also set it up so that articles about specific topics get posted automatically without you having to do a thing — hence the name Fanpage Robot. — Steal Traffic From Other Sites is a cool tool that lets you place signup popup forms on other people’s sites. Yes, you heard me right, you can place your own email signup form on other sites. Basically, you’ll take a URL and create a special link (it works like Then, when people visit that link, they’ll see the same thing every other visitor to that site sees — except that your popup will appear. You can even place your popup on sites like Fox News.

The point of this is to be able to share high-quality content from around the web on social media and still find a way to monetize it. So instead of flooding your social accounts with links to your own site, you can find links to trending content all over the web, drive plenty of traffic to those viral pieces of content, and get people to sign up to your list straight from those other popular websites.

There are 100 popup form templates to choose from. Each form is fully customizable — you can change the text, add images, and much more. They all integrate with the major email service providers, such as Aweber and Mailchimp.

Purchase Traffic

Fanpage Robot lets you place orders for all sorts of traffic and social traffic. You can buy visitors, likes, followers, comments, shares, downloads, social signals, etc for your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud and many other social networks. You can even buy Youtube dislikes!

It’s not that expensive — for example, 1,000 website visitors will cost you $2.40. I personally have not yet purchased any traffic or social media followers, so I can not vouch for the authenticity of the traffic they send you. They do claim that the followers are real, but they admit that they aren’t targeted. I do plan on ordering some in the future and updating this review.

Fan Page Robot
  • An Awesome Social Media Management Tool!


Fan Page Robot is a great tool that lets you generate massive social media traffic on autopilot to get loads of followers and lots of email subscribers.

So, Is Fanpage Robot Worth It? Can It Really Be True?

Fan Page Robot costs $14.95 a month for 3 Facebook pages and 36 other social media pages (when I purchased it, it cost just $9.95). If you want unlimited pages, it will cost $39 a month. Personally, I think the $14.95 is well worth it.

Yes, you can use Hootsuite and Buffer for free, and I still do so myself. But Fanpage Robot has a number of extra perks, the main one being the feature, which I find very useful. Besides, Buffer and Hootsuite only let you connect around three social media accounts in their free plans anyway.

If you want to AUTOMATE your entire social media and list building campaigns, here is the formula for that:

  1. Choose keywords, hashtags, and topics you want to post about
  2. Choose how many times a day you want to post on social media
  3. Create an email signup form using their customizable templates
  4. Fan Page Robot will find viral trending content from around the web, put your signup forms on those articles by using, and post them to social media — without you having to do a thing!
  5. You’ll get lots of exposure, followers and subscribers on autopilot.

==>> Start Generating Massive Traffic on Autopilot Now!


  1. Deep

    Hey Ben, great post and very helpful. I recently launched my website and it is pretty new and I am trying to expand and get more traffic by using social media. After reading your post and watching the video I might give this product a try, it will probably take a lot of stress off me. Thanks for sharing can’t wait to see my followers grow.

  2. Merry

    So very cool Ben. Thanks for the article and sharing this awesome tool. I am going to have a look at this. I like simplicity and always found the others to be a bit awkward.


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