Fiverr Alternatives — Updated List of Fiverr Clones

fiverr alternativesIf you’ve ever done any research into how freelancing works in the online world, you’ve probably come across a site called Fiverr. Fiverr is a marketplace where any freelancer can post gigs. If you want to make some money, you can go on Fiverr and post a gig. If you want to get something done, you can go on there, browse the gigs, and find a freelancer who’s willing to do it.

Gigs range from normal stuff such as writing articles and doing graphic design to weird stuff such as singing happy birthday in a crazy costume or doing a Donald Trump impersonation prank phone call. If you have any talent, you can use Fiverr to make money. If you need anything done, you can go on Fiverr and find someone willing to do it.

What makes Fiverr so unique, and what contributed greatly to its success, is its unique model where all gigs are automatically $5 each. You can literally get anything done for just five bucks.

Of course, some things are worth much more than $5, which is why you can break your gig down into one gig with many add-ons, with each add-on costing an additional $5. Some gigs can even be priced at more than $5 from the get go, depending on the category it’s in.

Because of Fiverr’s enormous success, many people have attempted to create similar sites. You can even purchase a Fiverr Script and create your own little Fiverr clone! 

Over the years, I’ve seen many Fiverr copycat sites spring up and die down. Trying to compete with Fiverr is no easy feat, and many simply shut down due to a lack of traffic. You’ll find many articles online listing Fiverr alternatives, only to find out that half of them are no longer on the internet. Other blogs are listing sites that are totally not Fiverr alternatives and are just freelance sites that have nothing to do with the Fiverr model.

In this article, I’ll be giving an updated list of all the Fiverr copycats that are still around. I’ll start with the ones that have actually seen success, and go on to the ones that have dismal traffic numbers but are still managing to do some business. Last and least, I’ll include the ones that seem to get no business at all. Let’s begin.

seo clerks fiverr alternativeSEO Clerks

SEOClerks is my favorite Fiverr alternative for all things related to online business. As the name implies, the listings on SEO Clerks are all related to stuff such as SEO, blogging, and marketing.

At SEO Clerks, your gig can be any price you want, so you’ll find some gigs for just a dollar or two. You can sort gigs by their price to find the cheaper ones. 

If you need anything done for your website, you’ll find experienced freelancers on SEO Clerks. Examples are article writing, blog commenting, forum posting, graphic design, voiceover, video production, banner design and much more. You’ll also find gigs that promise you first page rankings on Google, thousands of social media followers or hundreds of backlinks.

In addition to gigs, you can sell other stuff as well. Sponsored tweets and blog reviews have their own separate categories. You can also sell prewritten articles and ebooks. You can even sell software and themes.

Besides browsing through gigs, there are two more ways to use SEO Clerks as a seller! First of all, you can post a “Want to Buy” job. Just list what you are looking for and freelancers will bid on your project.

You can also post a “Want to Trade” job. If you’re trading, it won’t cost money — you’ll trade a service for a service. For example, you might get 1,000 Youtube likes in exchange for giving someone a backlink.

If you are a seller, you can sell subscriptions — for example, a new article every week. This is a good way to build up a steady revenue stream.

SEOClerks is owned by Ionicware, and is the main site of several branches. They have gig listing sites in other niches, but all you really need is to log into your SEOClerks account and you’ll automatically be logged into the other sites as well; you can visit them from the menu in the footer. Following are the other “branch” sites of SEOClerks:

  • Listing Dock – This site was set up so that you can list something that doesn’t fall into the category of SEO or online business
  • WordClerks – This is for listing services relating to content creation (for example, article writing)
  • PixelClerks – This site is for listing services related to graphic design
  • CodeClerks – This is for selling coding services and software, such as PHP and Jquery

I’m not sure exactly how this all works, because I’ve seen gigs on Word Clerks that were also listed on SEO Clerks. I’m not sure if the seller manually listed the gig on both sites or if the seller listed it on one and it showed up on both.

fivesquid review fiverr cloneFiveSquid

FiveSquid is a popular Fiverr alternative that is based in the United Kingdom. It works very similar to Fiverr, except that all gigs are priced in pounds! Most gigs are five pounds, but you can sell gigs for 10 pounds, 15 pounds, 20 pounds or 50 pounds. If you upgrade to a Pro Seller, you can set any price you want and even offer recurring subscription services. You can also negotiate custom prices on custom orders. FiveSquid takes a commission of around 20 percent off your earnings.

Like Fiverr, you can find anything on FiveSquid – professional writing, graphic design, SEO, and all kinds of zany stuff like “I Will Climb on Very Long Bamboo Tree and Find Your Order.” I’m not sure what that gig means, but hey. FiveSquid is one of the Fiverr alternatives that is actually pretty active, and if you’re more comfortable dealing in pounds, you might want to get check it out. 

envato studio review fiverr alternativeEnvato Studio

Envato Studio, found at, doesn’t look exactly like a Fiverr clone, but it follows a similar business model. Freelancers can post gigs and buyers can purchase them and leave reviews. It’s a very popular site.

The gigs on Envato Studio are professional gigs and mostly have to do with things you’ll need for your online business — writing, marketing, graphics design, app design and development, ecommerce customization, and much more.

The good part about Envato Studio is that it’s a little more for professional jobs. As a freelancer, you can charge much higher prices, while at Fiverr, you are either limited in your pricing options or are limited by competitors charging lesser amounts. At Envato Studio, professional services are more reasonably priced. I’d assume that you’d also get higher quality work as a buyer — at Fiverr, many of the gigs are low priced and offer low quality work. 

fourerr review fiverr cloneFourerr

Fourerr is a Fiverr alternative that’s doing okay. I’m sure you’ve figured out that at Fourerr, most gigs are by default $4 each. Fourerr is based in the UK, but all prices are in US dollars.

Although gigs (called “microjobs”) are by default $4, you can now charge up to $25 per gig. You can earn up to $700 in total sales from each microjob.

In 2014, Fourerr decided to move towards being a more “professional” marketplace. They’re more likely to approve gigs that offer ‘real’ services such as graphic design than gigs that promise you 10,000 Youtube likes in one hour. That’s also why they started letting freelancers charge up to $25 per gig. However, you can still find these kinds of gigs on Fourerr.

In order to sell and get paid on Fourerr, you are going to have be a verified seller. To be verified, you’re going to have to upload a valid government ID. This is to make sure that sellers are serious and not spammers. However, you only need to wait around six days until a payment is cleared and you can transfer it to your Paypal account, which is a lot quicker than Fiverr.

Fourerr also has a cute little system called Fourerr Rewards. You earn rewards for everything you do on the site; you’ll earn coins just by being active. For example, buying gigs, referring friends, and even doing things like sharing a gig on Twitter will earn you coins. You can use these coins to purchase gigs as a buyer. One hundred coins equals $1.

Like Fiverr, Fourerr has different levels. The more gigs you sell, the higher your level is. However, at Fourerr, the levels don’t restrict how many gigs you can sell. The levels still help to increase trust and sales.

Fourerr is a smaller site than Fiverr. It’s harder to find as many gigs as you would on Fiverr. It also gets a lot less traffic. But because it’s a smaller site, there is less competition for sellers. You can even feature your microjob in the front for just $5.  In addition, since gigs start at $4, you can find gigs for slightly cheaper than at Fiverr if you are a buyer. (At Fiverr, you’ll be paying $5 per gig plus a $1 processing fee.)


Zeerk is another Fiverr alternative that isn’t that well known. You can list microjobs for anything under the sun and charge between $3 and $200 a job. Like Fiverr, it has some wacky gigs – one example I’ve just seen is “I will link you up with intelligent Nigerians that are ready to come and work legally in your country,” which will cost you $3.

Of course, there are plenty of the normal gigs out there, such as article writing and SEO services. Each microjob will have reviews posted under it, and you’ll be able to see how many gigs the seller sold in total and how much money they made. It doesn’t get nearly as much traffic as Fiverr, but there is still plenty of activity on the site.

geniuzz review fiverr alternativeGeniuzz

Geniuzz is a popular Fiverr alternative — in Spanish! The site is actually pretty popular (probably in Spain), and like Fiverr, has all sorts of gigs. Most of the gigs are professional stuff, like writing, graphic design, online marketing, SEO, etc. If you’re able to read this article, then you can just use Fiverr, but if you have a friend who only speaks Spanish, then Geniuzz is for them! If you’re a freelancer who speaks Spanish, you might want to try selling on there as well. If you want to just check out the site, Google Translate will come in handy. All currencies on Geniuzz are in Euros — most gigs sell for 5 Euro or more.

Note: This is the end of the Fiverr alternatives that I actually recommend. From now on, I’ll be listing Fiverr alternatives that are interesting to know about, but probably are not worth your time as a buyer or a seller in my opinion. 


Gigbucks isn’t a bad Fiverr clone, and if you look hard enough, you can even spot some activity on the site. However, it looks pretty outdated and abandoned. A lot of the following sites seem to be using an outdated version of FiverrScript — they all look pretty similar. 

fiverup review fiverr alternativeFiverUp

FiverUp is another Fiverr clone that uses FiverrScript. Don’t let the name deceive you, though: You can sell a gig for anywhere from $4 to $25.

The problem with FiverUp is that it lacks a USP (Unique Selling Point, which is vital for marketing). There’s no real reason to sell on FiverUp instead of Fiverr, and there certainly is no real reason to buy on FiverUp instead of Fiverr.

FiverUp doesn’t get that much traffic. However, it’s still possible to find gigs on there. I’ve contacted some sellers on there. Most didn’t even reply, which probably means they posted the gig a long time ago and have since abandoned the site. However, at least one seller responded. I didn’t end up purchasing it, though, because the quality was really bad.

As a seller, you probably shouldn’t waste your time selling on there. Most of the gigs on FiverUp seem untouched, and my own gigs only got a couple hundred views and no sales. According to Similar Web, FiverUp gets around 40k views a month at the time of this writing.


Tennr is another clone that uses FiverrScript. You can sell gigs for anywhere from $1 to $10. In many ways, it’s similar to FiverUp. It’s a really nice idea, but nothing unique about it that would make it successful and no marketing budget to get it off the ground. The site doesn’t seem to get much traffic, but I’m including it because it’s at least still online. According to Similar Web, Tenrr gets around 10k views a month.

Task Army

Task Army is another Fiverr clone that would probably work out really well if the owners had a marketing budget. It doesn’t get that much traffic (6k/month according to Similar Web), but you can see some activity on the site, though there’s no way to tell how recent the activity is. The unique part about Task Army is that freelancers can charge a fee per hour of work done, not only per gig. I don’t know how this can be calculated and enforced.

fiverr clonesDoJobsOnline doesn’t have an original name, but it is also a Fiverr clone. It used to be called, which now redirects to it. You can sell any service in any industry for any price. They have a decent following on social media, but I’m not sure how active the site it – many gigs have been posted years ago and still have no ratings. According to Similar Web, DoJobsOnline is listed as getting <5000 visits a month, with not enough traffic data. In other words, it gets almost no traffic. The same goes for the other sites that are listed below.


Hubwit is a site that looks like it’s using the same outdated Fiverrscript as the other clones. The site has outdated graphics and it doesn’t seem like much is going on there. I’m only including it because I can. Who knows? Maybe one day Hubwit will become something.


iPayrr is another Fiverr clone that’s hopelessly outdated and abandoned. There doesn’t seem to be much going on. At least they are still active on Twitter, but that may be an automated system sending out links to gigs. 


I wouldn’t bother with GigDollars. It has less than 60 likes on Facebook (at the time of this writing). My point is that there have been many people with great big dreams of setting up a Fiverr-like site and making big money, but they failed because they had no USP and no marketing budget. Lesson learned.



  1. Staci Hall

    Appreciate this list..thanks!

  2. John ツ

    Thanks for sharing so much useful information Ben. I deal a lot with Fiverr in particular, as I am a seller as well as a buyer, so it is my favorite, but I also work with SEO Clerks and never had a problem with them. So yes, you have done a great job reviewing all those platforms and I wish you the very best.


    1. Ben (Post author)

      Thank you John. I also mainly use Fiverr and SEO Clerks.

      All the best,


  3. Deep

    Never noticed there were so many great options to outsource from other than Fiverr. Thanks for educating me on this I will have to give some of these sites a try in the future.

  4. Eril

    I did not realise there were other sites similar to Fiverr. Wow! That broadens the horizons. Which one do you recommend the most? Thanks for the info.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Eril,

      Depends what you are looking for. If you own an online business and need something done, I’d recommend SEO Clerks.

      If you have professional services to offer, Envato Studio would probably work out well. If you live in the UK, Fivesquid would probably be the best choice. Otherwise, you might want to try making some money with SEO Clerks. It doesn’t hurt to put up a gig on Zeerk of Fourerr, but you won’t get as many sales.


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