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Some Things To Look For

1:QSR: This stands for Quoted Search Results, or other websites targeting the same keyword; in other words, your competition. If the QSR is above 300, you don’t really have a good chance of getting good rankings, so aim for a QSR of below 300. Of course, the lower the better; the closer to zero the better.

2:Average (searches). This is the average number ofa searches a particular keyword gets per month. This should be at least 50, athough the higher the better. It is obviously better to rank among the first results on a low average keyword than to be on the tenth page of a keyword with thousands of searches, so keep that in mind.

3:The keyword must make sense. Although people may leave out things like “a”, “the”, “is”, and “how”, when you actually put that keyword on your website, you’d better make it┬ámake sense.

4:Once you’re at Jaaxy, use the “dig” and “alphabet soup” features to explore more keywords.