FTC Temporarily Halts Internet Marketing Company Digital Altitude

The FTC has cracked down on one of the most biggest digital marketing companies, Digital  Altitude. They have temporarily halted their business, claiming that “ misrepresented that its purported business coaching program would enable consumers to earn a substantial income, such as “six figures in 90 days or less”.

Digital Altitude is one of the biggest high-ticket players in the online marketing world. You can read the entire FTC press release here.

So what does this mean for internet marketers? There are a few lessons to be learned here.

The most important one is that you should never put all of your eggs in one basket. People who spent thousands of dollars on Digital Altitude may now have reason to concern. If Digital Altitude ends up being shut down entirely, then they will not have the business they were relying on promoting.

That’s why you should never put all of your eggs in one basket. Instead of investing thousands of dollars into any high-ticket program, you must first spend the money building your own email list. Once you have an email list, you can promote any program that you like. Once you have the email list, you can be guaranteed that if you join a high-ticket program, you can earn back the money right away by promoting it to your large list.

I’m not a big fan of high-ticket programs in the first place. As the FTC press release shows, many of them are not legitimate coaching programs and try to push you into paying larger fees for even pricier programs. The “coaching” is often just marketing. The only benefit you get is the ability to promote the same crappy high-ticket offer to others, which you can’t do anyway if you don’t have your list first.

That’s why it is a MUST to invest in an email list. Forget all those high-ticket programs for now. What you need to do is invest in your own asset first, not in the ability to promote someone else’s product.

If you haven’t yet started out with building your list, I suggest that you do so today. If you’re looking for a system that will build your list for you and will ALSO set up the signup page and send emails for you so that you earn commissions on autopilot, check out this WebCopyCat review.

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