Get Paid for Tweeting… Is PaidPerTweet Legit?

Is PaidPerTweet legit? What is PaidPerTweet, anyway? Can you really just send out tweets and get paid? Find out here with this PaidPerTweet review!paidpertweet legit

What PaidPerTweet Is

As many of you are aware, a popular way for businesses to advertise their products is by contacting celebrities, as well as other people with large Twitter followings, and paying them to sent out promoted tweets about their product.

Now, this is easy for large companies with big budgets, which can afford to pay a celebrity hundreds of dollars for a single tweet. However, what are smaller companies to do? That’s where PaidPerTweet steps in.

PaidPerTweet basically allows anyone to register a Twitter account and be paid for sending out promoted tweets. You don’t have to have hundreds of thousands of followers to get paid with PaidPerTweet. You just need a decent Twitter following and to send out promoted tweets for a fair price.

The point of PaidPerTweet, from a business’s perspective, is that they can find people with a few thousand followers who will send out a promoted tweet for a small price, say five or ten bucks. (If they get 10 people with 5,000 followers each who will do a promoted tweet for $5, they will reach 50,000 people for only $50. This sure beats paying a celebrity $1,000 to reach that’s celebrity’s 100,000 followers.)

How It Works for Tweeters

Basically, you sign up to PaidPerTweet and link your Twitter account. You then set your price for a single tweet and wait for your Twitter account to be accepted by the admin. You will then be shown opportunities that are based on your Twitter following and price range.

So, Is PaidPerTweet Legit? Can It Really Be True?

Well, it seems like a legit business. However, the real question is how much work you can find. Until now, I have not been presented with any opportunities, except a few that are mostly a few years old and have already expired. On the other hand, I don’t really have such a large Twitter following, so people with large Twitter accounts may indeed find more work.

In conclusion, I would say that it seems legit, and it certainly would be nice to get paid a few bucks just for sending out a tweet. On the other hand, there’s no telling if you would find any work. For that reason, it did not make its way to my recommended programs list.

So, I would say that it doesn’t hurt to sign up, especially if you have a decently-sized Twitter account. However, don’t get your hopes high, as the most you will probably make is a few bucks here and there. (Do note that according to FTC guidelines from the US government, you must include the word “promoted” or “ad” in your promoted tweets. )

What are your thoughts? Have you any experience with PaidPerTweet? What do you think about this way of making money? Would you be willing to send out promoted tweets just for a few bucks? Do you think it’s worth it?

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  1. Simon

    Hi Ben,

    I think that this works similar to Instagram and people with thousands of followers. Some time ago I was reading an article about a girl who were explaining how this Instagram-money works. The company was sending her free stuff/money (300-500$) to post a picture with their clothes/cosmetics/whatever. She didn’t even have to write what brand is that, as people in the comments were asking about it.
    It can work very well when you have a big crowd following you. I have no idea how it can cooperate with the Twitter as pictures work on your imagination. The text on the other hand – you have to be a good marketer.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      With Twitter, the company will write up a 140-character tweet for you to post, usually accompanied by an image. All you have to do is tweet it.

      All the best,


    2. Emmanuel

      Hi guys u wanna knw whether …this stuff is legit or not …making money in Twitter via tweerung ….pls give me clear details


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