Get Paid to Write Sponsored Blog Posts – Top 10+ Blog-Brand Platforms

get paid to write sponsored postsThere are so many ways to monetize your blog. Google Adsense and affiliate marketing are probably the two most popular methods. However, there are so many other ways to make money by blogging — and selling sponsored posts is one of them that not everyone is doing!

Think about it: How much can you earn already from Google Adsense? One or two dollars for every thousand views? Compare that with sponsored posts, where depending on your audience size, you can earn hundreds for just for one blog post! Just doing one or two sponsored posts a week will bring in a lot more moola than those blocks of Adsense that anyway annoy your visitors.

In this article, you’ll learn about some amazing online marketplaces where you can get your blog listed and find out about new opportunities to do sponsored posts.

Your Own Blog

Look, I’m not trying to be funny here, and we’ll get to the marketplaces in a second, but your blog is the #1 place to sell sponsored posts! If you really have a large audience, brands WILL find your blog. Heck, they’ll be contacting you even if you don’t have an official page offering sponsored posts (yeah, I get these requests all the time)!

So just put up a little page and put it somewhere in your secondary menu in the sidebar or the footer before the privacy policy and whatnot. Explain some of your rules for sponsored posts and how they can get in touch with you. When brands find your blog, they’ll have an easy way to contact you.

Blog Meets Brand

Blog Meets Brand is a cool site that’s really easy to sign up to. Just create an account, add a site and connect your Google Analytics account. That is it!

You’ll start receiving occasional emails with potential opportunities every now and then. These opportunities can be about anything, and you’ll only qualify if you blog about the required topics and products. However, if you do qualify, you can get paid pretty well, oftentimes a few hundred dollars for just one post.

webfluential get paid to write sponsored blog postsWebFluential

Webfluential is another site where you can sign up to be an influencer. You’ll connect your blog and your Google Analytics account. Next, you’ll connect your social profiles. You’ll be assigned a score based on your audience. The price you set for jobs will be based on this score.

If you have a strong profile, you’ll be contacted by brands. You can also market yourself by displaying your Webfluential media kit on your blog or by sending it out as a link.


Linqia is another blog-brand marketplace with an interesting twist: They work on a PPC (pay per click) basis. This means that you’ll get paid for each click you send to a brand!

Don’t start dancing just yet. For every campaign that you accept, there will be a maximum earnings limit. They’ll evaluate your potential earnings and you can’t go over that limit – for example, they may calculate that based on your audience size, you will get 100 clicks, and then you won’t get paid for any clicks after that.

When you first start out, they will evaluate your potential earnings based on your traffic stats and your social media followers. But as you go on, your earnings will be calculated based on previous campaigns that you have run. So even if you don’t get paid for extra clicks that you send a brand, it will raise your maximum earnings for the next campaign you do!

They have a special link tracking tool that they use to track clicks coming from you. Once you earn money, you can get paid within 10 days via Paypal.

SEO Clerks

Many of you know SEO Clerks as a listing site where you can sell gigs and services related to SEO and online business. Well, did you know that you can actually sell sponsored reviews? In the top menu at the right, go to the seller menu, click on sell, and click on sell blog reviews. You can also sell sponsored tweets if you have a large Twitter following. If there are certain things you refuse to blog about, you can add those in. Brands and marketers that are looking for reviews of their products will be able to contact you and ask for a sponsored review.


Let’s not forget good old Fiverr! You can sell sponsored reviews or even sponsored guest posts. You can charge more if you write the article yourself. Fiverr isn’t the only site of its kind that you can sell gigs on; check out these 14 Fiverr alternatives; Fiverr has some popular competition!

Other Sites

There are so many other sites that let you join as a blogger and get paid for sponsored reviews! Some of these sites get lots of traffic, some get mediocre traffic, and some get almost no traffic at all. After reviewing 40 Content Mills and 14 Fiverr Alternatives, I’m quite tired of creating these lists and researching every website and how popular it is. It takes too long! So I’ll just list some other sites I’ve come across without going into detail – you can check these sites out yourself. Note that there are dozens of sites that cater to sponsored social media posting on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other sites, but here I’m listing those that focus on sponsored blog reviews.

  1. Get Reviewed
  2. Social Publi
  3. Sponsored Reviews
  4. Tap Influence
  5. Brand Backer
  6. TheShelf
  7. Clever Girls Collective/Real Clever
  8. Bloggers Required
  9. Social Fabric
  10. Isn’t it a shame that I can’t be bothered to search for a tenth site? Don’t bother answering.

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