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A relatively unknown content mill out there is called It offers writers the opportunity to find article writing jobs, apply for them, and get paid. It also allows website owners to post jobs for writers. According to reports, it pays rather OK for a content mill. So I set out to try to find out what really is going on there. In this getacopywriter review and Get a Copy Writer review, I’m going to share a pretty bad experience I had with this company, where they cancelled a project after I wrote 4,000 words for them and after they gave me only two hours to edit it in the middle of the night New York time.


After actually working for this company, I had a pretty bad experience I thought you should know about. I recommend that you stay away from doing any work for them if you want to get paid and avoid any frustrations, in my opinion.

I took on a 4,000 word project that paid 145 Australian Dollars, which is around $110 USD. Not a lot of money, but the work did not seem that hard. There was a short deadline, but I was able to meet it. After I submitted the work, I got an edit request. Annoying, but reasonable. However, a mere two hours after the edit request was sent to me, the project was cancelled and the re-write was assigned to another writer! Mind you, this was in middle of the night New York time.

This is extremely frustrating, as I took off a good few hours to write the article when I could have done work for one of my stable clients. While I understand there was a time constraint, edits are to be expected and time for them must be factored in when assigning deadlines to a project, in my opinion. Two hours is not nearly enough for edits, and cancelling a project after giving a writer just two hours for editing is totally unreasonable in my opinion. Not only that, but the edit request was sent in middle of the night New York Time (the client was living in Australia).

My personal opinion is that you should stay away from a company that treats writers and their hard work like that. Do you want to work for hours and then not get paid? I don’t. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


How It Works and the Application Process

Most articles seem to require either 400 or 600 words, and the pay seems to be between $20-$40 per article, depending on the number of words and whether it is a premium level article or a standard level article.  It seems that writers start off as standard writers and can somehow eventually be promoted to a premium writer.

Each article is in a separate category. Some categories include SEO, health, etc.

Now, $20-$40 per article is not bad for some extra money here and there. The problem with is its ridiculous application process.

You see, in order to be able to write articles in any specific category, you must apply for that category by submitting an unpaid sample. For example, if you want to write articles in the health category, you must submit a sample about a health topic. This sample will be according to the specific instructions that they give you, which will include resources upon which to base your sample.

Now, this may not be a problem if there were many article jobs available in each category. However, there are only a few in each category, and some categories have no available jobs at all (at least when I checked in). This means that in order to have access to a reasonable amount of jobs you must write quite a few unpaid sample articles. That’s a lot of work for free.

So, Is Legit? Can It Really be True?

Yes, GetACopyWriter seems legit, though it can take some time before your application gets accepted. The pay is nice for a content mill. However, you would have to write 5-10 unpaid sample articles to have access to a reasonable amount of jobs. The only advice I can give you is to apply to the “Other” category, where there are more available jobs than in the other categories.

If not for this absurd application process, I would probably give GetACopyWriter 5 stars.

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UPDATE: Again, after my experience, I don’t think Get A CopyWriter is treating writers fairly or really cares about them. In my opinion, you need to avoid using this company and not waste your precious time with them.


  1. Jesse Broadt

    Actually, the application process is not all that absurb. A lot of content mills are doing it that way these days. Plus you retain rights to the sample articles. Therefore, you don’t lose anything, as those articles can be sold to other clients. I think they are just making sure you can write in a particular category. The WriterAccess approval process is what I would call absurb: nine steps and then when you’re accepted you sit there looking at an empty queue for a month. Literally. However, the 2 hours for revisions on Australian time is RIDICULOUS. I hope maybe they learned something from that and shaped up with revision time frames after causing that fiasco and making you lose money. That’s just absurd.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Jesse,

      It wouldn’t be absurd if there was a large quantity of jobs for each topic! In that case, it would be worth it to get access to all those jobs. But last time I checked, it was like WriterAccess: Most of the time, you would be staring at zero jobs for MOST categories. Perhaps it has changed; I haven’t logged in for half a year.

  2. Stephen

    I have been working with them for about a year as a second job. Quick reassignments are very rare and usually based on their clients having quick time frames. Work availability is generally pretty good, but assignments often come out in the middle of the night, and I can generally sign up for as much work as I can handle. Editors have been very helpful and responsive. After you work with them for a while, especially if you can help with urgent requests, you can develop a very positive working relationship with them.

    It will not make you rich, but it is a great source of secondary income. Also, the pay is prompt and comes out exactly when they promise.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Glad you had a good experience with them, but I’m not buying it. I’m sure it’s rare, but really? Reassigning an article because it wasn’t edited in two hours? Not only was it in the middle of the night in North America, but it was also Saturday! If it’s really so rare and they just need to accommodate clients’ urgent requests once in a blue moon, then they can afford to pay the writer who wrote the article as a business expense that just comes up on rare occasions! That’s what pisses me off – I would have accepted a lower rate but at least pay me for my wasted time and effort.

  3. Jake Groeblinghoff

    Wow, sounds like this company is really messed up. Who does that to a person? You had 2 hours to write some article? Cause not only do you have to write the article, but you also have to go back and fix your mistakes. Sorry but you should’ve gotten paid for the amount of time you put into the article, or for at least the 2 hours you invested in it.

    It may be legit, but, no one needs to go through what you went through. That’s stupid. If it was me I’d ask for money for the work I did for 2 hours. That’s 2 hours you could’ve spent doing something else. That’s just wrong, sorry, but that’s just really wrong.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Jake,

      Like I said, the 2 hour timeframe was the time given for edits after I already spent a couple of hours writing the article and submitted it. Definitely not enough time for edits. They cancelled the project soon after I saw the edit request.

  4. ches

    This is something I’ve been pondering over for some time now as I do seem to be able to write posts of a good size and content according to my friends and relatives (who maybe just being kind!)

    Thanks to you writing this article, I think I may look into it in more detail. I’ll let you know how I get on if I give it a go.

    The only thing that worries me with producing 5-10 free posts, would you have to allow them to use these unpaid articles if they thought them worthy of publishing? If so, would seem a bit of a scam by way of getting articles for free, or am I being paranoid! Ches

    1. Ben (Post author)

      When you write something, it legally belongs to you — you own the copyright. Unless you agree to transfer the copyright, nobody else may use it. So no, unless you get paid (or you agree to relinquish ownership even without getting paid) they can not use it. So you can use it on your own blog.

      Just keep in mind that there are many other content mills out there. You can certainly try out some of them. I have listed a number of legit ones in “The Good,” which you can find by clicking on the menu.

      Good luck!


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