Google Opinion Rewards Review – Get Paid by Google for Filling Out Surveys!

In this Google Opinion Rewards review, you’ll learn how to earn money by answering quick surveys on your phone… powered by Google!

google opinion rewards reviewGoogle Opinion Rewards Review – How It Works

Google Opinion Rewards is an app that you can download on Android and Apple devices.

It is powered by Google, and it pays you to fill out short surveys on your phone.

If you are using an Android, your earnings will be in the form of credits for Google Play. On Apple devices, you will be able to cash out to Paypal once you have earned at least $1.

Signing up is easy and is done using your Google/Gmail account.

The surveys are usually short and vary in length and earnings. Some surveys can last less than a minute, while others can last much longer. You will usually get paid between 10 cents a survey to a dollar per survey, depending on the length.

How many surveys you will get will also vary. You might get one every few days, or you might get one every few weeks. Google says you will get an average of one survey a week. Don’t be surprised if you do not get as many surveys as you expected.

All surveys expire within 24 hours, so you need to take them as soon as you can.

Google Opinion Rewards is not available in all countries.

So, Is Google Opinion Rewards Legit or a Scam? Can It Really Be True?

Google Opinion Rewards is definitely legit. That’s obvious, as it is powered by Google. The question is whether it is worth your time. I know that taking surveys is not worth my time, especially if I can only use the money for things that I don’t need on Google Play. That being said, if you often spend time on your phone playing games and doing nothing, then having a few surveys apps on your phone can help you earn some extra pocket cash every now and then.

If you’re looking for a real way to make money from home, however, I suggest that you check out Affilorama and sign up for a free account.

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