Grammarly Grammar Checker, After The Deadline, and The Hemingway App Review

Are you looking for some handy tools that can help you with your grammar? Then you’regrammarly grammar checker in luck! Technology has brought us some very useful tools that correct not only your spelling but your grammar as well. Unfortunately, many of these programs require you to pay money in order to use them. Fortunately, however, I will tell you how to utilize three of the best FREE grammar checkers at once, which will improve your writing drastically and will get you save you the expense of a paid grammar tool.

Note: If you join any program or make a purchase through this website, I will receive a commission.

Grammarly Grammar Checker

One of the most well-known grammar checkers is Grammarly. This is a system that detects not only spelling mistakes, but also mixed up words such as “their” and “there” and “your” and “you’re,” sentences that are missing commas, sentences that have an extra comma, words that are missing a dash, confusions between singular and plural, wordiness (using extra words or using one word too many times, which, although it is not a grammar mistake, still detracts from the quality of your writing), and much more.

Grammarly is available in a few ways:

  • Online documents, similar to Google Docs
  • A Browser add-on for Chrome, IE, and Firefox, which checks ALL text you type into your browser, including Gmail, etc.
  • A desktop app for Windows (7 and up) and Mac
  • It’s also available for Microsoft Office

There are two versions of Grammarly: The free version checks basic spelling and grammar mistakes, while the paid version, which is not cheap, checks for advanced grammar mistakes, such as comma splice, wordiness, use of cliches, passive voice, and much more.

Another thing that Grammarly offers, even in the free version, is synonyms and definitions. When you double-click on any word that appears in your browser, it will give you a list of synonyms. When you are writing and want to make your language as colorful as possible and you want to avoid overusing a word, this is very useful.

Grammarly is by far the most comprehensive and sophisticated grammar tool out there, so I guess that the price for the premium version can be justified. It’s around $30 a month, but if you pay yearly it is only around $10 a month.

I do want to mention that no software can replace a human, and there are things that Grammarly misses, including some ugly spelling mistakes. So make sure to proofread.

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grammarly free trial

Sample Grammarly Screenshot

After the Deadline Review

After the deadline is a grammar checker available for free as an add-on in the Chrome web store (it might be available for Firefox as well). It is not as advanced as Grammarly, but it does pick up quite a few stuff that Grammarly misses, such as certain spelling mistakes and a bunch of grammar mistakes such as hidden verbs. It also checks for usage of complex words when simpler words are available. In one of my own experiences, it picked up that I used “who’s” instead of “whose,” which Grammarly had missed. You can check any text that you type into Chrome by pressing Control+Shift+S. The best part is that it is free.

The Hemingway App Review

The Hemingway Editor, available at, is an online writing surface which checks your writing. The truth is that it doesn’t focus as much on grammar as it does on the quality and clarity of your writing. It checks for

hemingway app review

Hemingway App Sample

sentences that are very hard to read and understand, sentences that are slightly hard to read, and usage of complex words when there are simpler words available (and it suggests a simpler word). If a sentence is too hard to read, you can simply shorten it or divide it into two sentences. It also highlights usage of passive voice and adverbs and suggests how many should be deleted. Passive voice and adverbs can detract from the quality of a text. The app also gives you a score based on how easy it is to read your article, and it also gives you the reading time it will take to read through your article.

*UPDATE:* Hemingway App now has a desktop app for both Windows and Mac for just $9.99. This means you don’t have to go to every time. You can purchase the app at

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The Three-Pronged Approach

When I write an article for a private client, I use a three-pronged approach, as follows: First, I paste the article in Grammarly immediately checks the article, and I correct any mistakes that the free version picks up.

The second thing that I do is check my text (still in with After the Deadline by pressing C+SH+S. It will often pick up spelling and grammar mistakes that Grammarly didn’t.

I then use the Hemingway App to make my article more readable and easier to understand.

I find that using these tools really helps me out, and also help me become a better writer even when I don’t use them. In any case, this whole thing costs zero dollars, which is much better than paying for any single grammar checker.

Of course, these software aren’t human and just run on a set of rules. This means that they can make silly suggestions as well. So in the end, you should just use them as something to help you out, and not rely on them for the final say. You can also choose to use only one of the above-mentioned tools.

Do you want to download Grammarly, the world’s best grammar checker? If you click here, you get a bonus 7-day free trial of Grammarly Premium!


  1. lizp

    Hey Ben. Wow! I use Grammarly but I hadn’t heard of those other two applications. Very interesting idea to use all three to be certain that any piece of writing will be very correct.

    Thanks for the tips and I’ll definitely check out After the Deadline and The Hemmingway App.

    Really great 😉

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Lizp,

      Have you gone on to try out the other programs? What are your thoughts about them? Have they helped improve your writing?

      Would love to hear back if you see this.

  2. Anke

    Hi Ben, thanks for your article. I am a big fan of Grammarly and signed up for the yearly subscription just a few weeks ago. As you mentioned, it only costs around $10/month but the time it saves me when I write articles, emails, FB comments, etc. is invaluable. Also, English is my second language, so this program has helped me to improve and expand my vocabulary. I agree, sometimes the program doesn’t pick up little mistakes, but the advantages outweigh by far these little hiccups
    Keep up the great work. Best, Anke.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Anke,

      And if you are worried about the little mistakes it doesn’t pick up, you can certainly copy and paste the text into Word, Open Office, or Google Docs and use their spell check to see if you missed anything, right? So it really should not be such a problem.

  3. Michael

    Just finished reading the page about Grammar Checker and I must compliment you on the clarity you brought and the options offered on this important topic. The clear, precise language made the message you wanted to deliver very easy to understand. While I believe there are situations where a grammar checker is a definite requirement, surely most people just use the standard spell check and if the sentence or paragraph sounds correct to them then it is correct?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your kind words. You touch upon an important topic — namely, do bloggers really need to check their grammar? Isn’t it enough if you get the message across? Isn’t focusing on grammar a waste of time?

      Although some people think so, I tend to disagree, and I will explain why. I think all bloggers should be careful about basic grammar rules. I am not talking about advanced grammar rules; rather, I am talking about simple stuff like its vs it’s, whose vs who’s, there vs their, etc, as well as using proper punctuation, making sure that commas, semicolons, and so on are in the right place.

      Now, a mistake or two here or there is not a big issue. But if a blog post is riddled with simple grammar mistakes, or even worse, spelling mistakes, the writer often comes across as uneducated and ignorant. I’m just telling you how I see it from personal experience, and I am sure others see it the same way. When I read a product review that is written by someone who seemingly didn’t attend high school, I am less likely to trust their review, and thus, I am less likely to buy from them or through them. It’s all about perceptions.

      So yes, your basic goal is to get your message across, but on the other hand, you do not want to come across as uneducated or ignorant. If you write with good grammar, people will be more likely to trust you, and trust brings conversions.

      I realize that for many bloggers, English is not their native tongue. Even many native English speakers don’t adhere to grammar rules, because most have no need to remember their grammar classes from school unless they are in the writing business. For these people, a tool is very useful.

      Grammarly and After The Deadline are both great for WordPress bloggers. They underline everything that is a mistake, and they are available as browser extensions, meaning that they will correct things you write in your WordPress posts as well — there’s no need to write in Microsoft Word or Open Office.

      Now, although Hemingway App doesn’t correct grammar, it can also be useful for bloggers. What it does is improve your writing style and, more importantly, the clarity of your writing. The more clarity your posts have, the easier it is to read them. Remember, people online usually just skim through a page, and the easier it is to understand you, the more conversions you will have. So if a sentence is long and hard to understand, it would be wise to break it into two.

      Now, if you are a professional writer, meaning you do freelance writing for a business or your write for a publication, these tools are very useful, as there are always little things you can miss when proofreading and which a tool can catch. The Hemingway App will also improve your writing style and clarity and help you become a better writer.

      These tools are also useful for other people, like students writing an essay or someone composing a business email.

      I would love to hear other people’s opinion on this topic. Should bloggers bother with grammar, or is it a waste of time? Leave your comments above or as reply to this comment!

  4. DrSarahBrewer

    This is great info – if only there was an easy way to auto-correct my typos, too. I type so fast on line that I often get my letters muddled and write ‘teh’ instead of ‘the’ for example. Is there a plug-in or app that can do this like you can set autocorrect spelling in Word? One of my favourite books is Eat Shoots and Leaves which points out the importance of the lowly comma. Thanks.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Doc,

      Both Grammarly and After The Deadline are available as add-ons for your browser. They will correct everything you type online, including email and whatever you type into WordPress. Just go to to download it. After The Deadline is available in the Chrome webstore.

      All the best,



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