Green Light Articles Review

green light articles reviewWhat is Green Light Articles? This Green Light Articles review will explore both sides of this company — the writer side and the customer side.

Green Light Articles is a content mill, with a twist: Not only do they offer article writing services, they also offer spinning services. They say that they offer articles that are “humanly spun” and that are “professionally” spun. They offer you 30 versions of one article for just $10.

Now, I’m not sure what “humanly spun” means, but looking at their sample spun articles, they do look a little better than the garbage spin jobs other software gives.

The problem is that content mills and spun content are both a thing of the past. In those days that you can fill a website with low-quality content, it made sense to save some money by getting articles written for you at a content mill at a rate of one cent per word. It also made sense to use spinning software as a way to get more content.

But with Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, content must be high quality in order to rank. You can’t spin an article 30 times, put up 30 blog posts, and expect it to rank. Google is too smart for that. They know that you are and you’re mean the same thing, and that puppy and dog also have similar meanings. Articles written at one cent per word will be very low quality as well and might not rank well. 

Because of this, most content mills are failing and attracting fewer and fewer customers. I’ve joined many content mills, and I’ve found most of them to be empty of work most of the time. Green Light Articles’ Facebook page is proof of this — they haven’t even posted since 2013.

Besides, the pay for writers is just not worth it — at Green Light Articles, just like any other content mill, you’ll get paid just a cent or two per word.

If you are a website owner, you shouldn’t waste your time and money buying spun content or getting writers at a cent per word. You need great quality content for your websites, and investing some money for high quality writers will pay off in the end. You can get cheap content, but it will be the normal standard of content mills. 

If you are a writer, don’t waste your time at content mills. Go look for private clients on online job boards and build yourself up as a freelance writer. Follow the steps outlined in these videos to stand out and get great clients.


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