Honey Coupon Extension Review — Earn Cashback and SAVE BIG

honey coupon extension reviewDid you ever wish that the prices you see when you go shopping online are a little lower than they actually are? Well, with the Honey Coupon Extension, that becomes a reality. This Honey Extension review tells the story.

Honey Extension — What It Is

Honey is a company that offers cashback when shopping online. That means that when you shop at a store online, part of the money you spend on your purchase will be deposited back into your Honey account.

For example, if you shop at a store that has a cashback rate of five percent and you buy something that costs $100, you will get five dollars deposited back into your account.

To get started, all you need to do is go to joinhoney.com and install their browser extension on your Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser.

Next, all you have to do is start shopping! Not every store in the world are included in Honey’s database, but there are thousands of stores that are, including popular ones like Amazon, Macy’s and Walmart.

If the store you are shopping by is included, then the extension will alert you of the cashback opportunity at checkout. All you need to do is click “Activate” and you’ll get money back into your account.

Another way to get cashback is by going to the Honey website directly and choosing your favorite store.

honey coupon extension reviewHoney Adds Coupons Automatically

Another great feature of Honey is that they will automatically add coupons at checkout if there are any. They have thousands of coupons in their database, many of which were submitted by other Honey users.

You don’t even have to enter a coupon automatically; just click “Activate” and BOOM! Honey will automatically add the coupon to your purchase. If there is more than one coupon, Honey will test each of them out, see which one saves you the most money, and will apply that one to your purchase. This process only takes a few seconds. How cool is that?

Honey on Amazon and Yelp

Honey also has unique features for Amazon and Yelp. Besides for coupons, they will also notify you if another Amazon seller is offering the same product for a cheaper price. Amazon itself may not tell you about it because they want you to spend more, so Honey is a great thing to have.

On Yelp, when searching for local businesses, Honey will notify you if there are any printable coupons available for your local store. These coupons are powered from Groupon.

honey extension review How to Get Paid By Honey

Once you make a purchase and earn cashback activated, the money will appear in your Honey account within a few days. It will be pending for up to two months, because of the possibility that you might cancel your order and not be deserving of the cashback.

Once the order is cleared, you will be able to cash out your balance towards Amazon gift cards. Payouts start at $10, or 1,000 “HoneyGold”. You can get $1 free just for signing up.

Earn By Referring Friends

If you refer a friend to Honey and they make a purchase, you will earn $5 for each friend. The friend must make a purchase and earn at least some HoneyGold. You can earn up to $1,000 from referrals. Payouts are in Amazon gift cards.

honey coupons review

Where is Honey Available?

Honey works in stores that are in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. It works on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, though some features, like Yelp coupons, work only on Chrome.

How Does Honey Make Money?

Simple. Stores pay Honey for bringing them customers. A lot of customers use Honey to search for stores that offer cashback, and wouldn’t have purchased anything without Honey. These stores pay Honey for the business it brings them.

Honey Coupons


Honey Coupons is a great extension to have on your broswer. I estimate that you will save a lot of money by using it.

So, Is Honey Legit? Can It Really Be True?

Honey is a great browser extension to have. I love the fact that coupons are automatically applied if there are any. Say goodbye to searching RetailMeNot and other stores and manually trying out coupons! Honey will do all the work for you. I get coupons applied to my purchases even when I was totally unaware that store even offered coupons!

On the other hand, it would be better if you can get paid via cash. Still, most people buy often on Amazon, and being able to use gift cards there will probably save you a lot of money.



  1. Alice

    How cool! Definitely installing this one. I usually do a web search for coupons before I check out anywhere but I’m never sure how long to keep searching, or which coupon might be the best deal… this looks super helpful and like a great time-saver. Appreciate your reviews.

  2. Ben (Post author)

    What do YOU think about the Honey Coupons Extension? I personally love the fact that coupons get applied to your purchases without you having to do anything and without even knowing that this store offered coupons! It’s really good stuff!


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