How Can You Recognize A SCAM???

road-sign-464653_640-1There are so many SCAMS out there! How do I know if a certain program is a SCAM or a legitimate online business opportunity?

In this post, I want to simply share some tips, some things I look for personally, not just when looking into any online business opportunity, but also when reading online reviews, which I typically do before joining an online program.

What do I mean by this? Unfortunately, although we would like to think that we can trust a review that someone put up on their website, that is not always the case. And the main reason, basically, is a money-related reason. People may earn a commission by getting you to sign up through them. Sometimes it may not be an outright scam, but is may not be a good choice, either.

Here are some things I look for when reading an online review:

  1. Is the reviewer really explaining how the program actually works? Or are they just telling you about how great it is, and how they were always struggling financially and desperately searching the web until they found this, which put an end to all their problems, and all that regular garbage? Is the reviewer giving me important info or just bragging about how much $$$ the earn? Why is this important? Because usually, when someone does an honest review about a company, for bad OR for good, they’ll tell you HOW it works and HOW exactly you’ll make money. After all, if it’s really good, they should have nothing to hide.
  2. Another thing I look for is a balanced review.  Nothing is 100% perfect, and an honest review should give you an unbiased report, not only explaining WHY it’s good but also telling you a little about the downsides of the program, what are the cons, and whether this might be for someone like you or not– because not everything is for everyone, no matter how legit it is.
  3. I also like when people recount their personal experiences, in a way that sounds realistic, not “IT’S THE BEST IN THE WORLD AND I’M MAKING HIGH $$$$$$$$!!!!”. I like hearing about their own experiences, what they liked about it, what may have turned them off, and so on, not garbage hype.
  4. Another thing to watch out for is when the reviewer told you that it is absolutely free to join, and then you join for free only to find that although it’s free to JOIN and get an account, you are then obligated to buy something in order to receive their services. That’s not an honest review.
  5. I also like to hear about the real earning potential. How much can I earn? How long does it take and how much sweat and blood must I put into it? Is it really worth my time or not?

By the way, if I can’t see any link to the program, I usually put my guard down. That’s because they can’t earn a commission from referring you. However, it may be a paid review sponsored by the company itself.

As for the programs themselves, if they are too good to be true, they probably are. Obviously, those programs promising thousands of $$$ instantly with little work are to be immediately avoided.

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