How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

marketing-998561_640-1Ever wondered what affiliate marketing is? How does it really work? How can YOU be an affiliate marketer? What do you need to be one? I see that there’s some confusion about this, so I’ll try to briefly, simply, and clearly explain the whole process.

What You Will Need

  1. A website.
  2. Content.

That’s basically it, fellas. A website obviously requires internet access. A website with website hosting can cost a lot of money, or it can cost close to nothing, or even be free. Read How To Get A Website

Content requires you being able to type. Really, that’s all there is to it. There’s no need to be an award-winning writer or any writer for that matter. If you can write down your ideas, you are a writer. (If you don’t have time to write, you can pay someone else to. Just kidding. You could, but try finding even an hour a week, it’s better to write yourself.)

How Affiliate Marketing Works

  1. You have a website.
  2. You write content.
  3. You get visitors.
  4. You insert affiliate links.
  5. Visitors click on those links and buy something.
  6. You earn $$$.

This is it, albeit in a simplified manner. Now we have to understand HOW to get visitors, how to join affiliate programs, and what in the world are affiliate links, and so much more. Hold on! It’s not that complicated.

How To Get Visitors

You write content, that’s all. You also need to write about keywords, which are things people type into Google.

Now, there is a whole lot more, I admit, and there’s SEO, or search engine optimization, which is the process of getting your website to appear higher up in Google search results, but we’ll leave that for now.

How To Be An Affiliate

First, you join an affiliate program. That’s basically a program that many companies have that allow you to earn a commission from every sale you generate for them. It’s free to join affiliate programs.

After that, they give you a link, and sometimes banners. Banners look like all advertisements you see on the web, and you can put those on your website.

You can also use an affiliate link, which is a link that you can place in the text part of your website, meaning in your content. That’s if you want to write about the product you’re promoting.

Both the banners and the links have your personal affiliate ID inside them, and the company’s system will track your sales and pay you accordingly.

Getting People To Buy

An affiliate marketer online is NOT a salesperson. They are NOT telemarketers who try to “buy” people off. Honest and legitimate online marketers treat their website visitors as PEOPLE, the same way they would want to be treated, not as simply a medium through which they can earn $$$.

As for the links, offer people knowledge about legitimate products that are really good, give an honest unbiased review, and hope that they buy it.

I Want…To Know More…

You can! This might seem utterly confusing to you, and that’s normal. Affiliate marketing can be complicated, and a lot of knowledge, experience, and hard work is required in order to be successful.

So if you just chanced upon this page while browsing the internet, I’ve got news for you.

There are many programs that will teach you and train you how to be a successful online marketer. Some are better than the others, and others are not as good. I personally recommend one that gives you a free membership, which includes two free, easy to set up and manage websites, plus a limited amount of training on how to manage your websites and affiliate marketing basics.

For a small monthly fee which you can cancel at any time, you get unlimited access to their vast and updated training.


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