How Fast Does It Take to Build a WEBSITE These Days? Take a Guess… and Read This Article

Did you know that building a website takes just a few seconds? That’s right, in around 60 seconds from now, you can have your own website up and running, LIVE, on the internet. But first, some background create a wordpress website freeinformation:

What Is a Website?

That’s easy. A website, YOUR website, is a platform where you can communicate with the world. You can post anything you want on your website, including pictures and videos, and the whole world can see it. Yes, you can even sell stuff on your website, which turns your computer into a storefront…. but let’s leave that for later.

What is a WORDPRESS Website?

Since websites are built with technical code, they can be difficult for an average person to set up and manage. Are YOU in the mood of spending hours studying senseless HTML code? Neither am I… and that is why I use WordPress.

WordPress basically does all the work for you. You don’t need to know ANYTHING about code — all you need to do is write your stuff and upload your favorite pics. That’s why so many people use WordPress, that’s why I use WordPress, and that is why YOU should also use WordPress.

Is It Really That Simple?

Well, it will be if you do it my way. But if you don’t….well, first you will have to buy a domain name, then you will have to find a hosting company, then you will have to download the WordPress software, then you will have to install it on your website… what a hassle!

That is why I use SiteRubix. Not only does it use WordPress, but the entire installation process is done for you behind the scenes…and the hosting and domain purchases are done with a few clicks as well.

Literally, in just a few seconds, after just a few clicks, you can have your own FREE website live on the web! Yes, it really is that simple…just watch the video and see for yourself! The video will show which simple steps you need to take, and how to go about doing them. After that, you’re done! And the best part is that it’s free!

(Disclaimer: If you purchase anything or join a program through this website, I will receive a commission.)

how to build a website fast

Watch the Video to See for Yourself!

So go ahead and watch the video. See for yourself!

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