How Much Can You Make With Google Adsense?

How much can you actually make with Google Adsense? That’s what people want to kweb site conversion optimization tipsnow.  Will I be able to make a lot of money putting Google’s ads on my website? In this brief article, I’ll try to answer that question.

Things To Consider

There are basically three things that will determine how much money you’ll earn through Google Adsense.

  1. How much traffic, or visitors, your website is getting.
  2.  What percentage of these visitors are actually clicking on your ads.
  3.  How much you are getting paid for click, or what is the PPC (pay per click.)

Let’s make some simple raw estimates. I will be nice here, and give the higher end estimate of your potential income.

Let’s start backwards. Say you’re getting paid $1 per click. Again, I’m being nice, because although it’s certainly possible to earn $1 per click, and in some cases, depending on the demand and on the industry, even up to $5, $10, or even $15 per click, that really is not the norm. You most probably will get a PPC of $0.20-$0.80, and many ads actually pay less than twenty cents, as the minimum really is one cent. (Google obviously will not tell you how much each ad will cost before you put it on, or no one will take the lower paying ads.)

But again, let’s be nice, and say you’re getting $1 per click. How many people actually click on the ads? Although you might like to think that one in every ten people click on ads, that’s simply not the case. How often do YOU click on random ads, either on websites or when using mobile apps? I personally find these ads quite annoying, especially when they’re placed smack in middle of what I’m reading, or when they suddenly pop up, at which point I find them EXTREMELY annoying. I hardly ever click on ads.

So let’s be nice again, and say one in fifty people click on ads, which you might very likely find to be a little over the norm.

Now how many people actually visit your site each day? 100? Maybe you’ll get $2 a day. 1000? OK, $20 a day is fine for extra income, but you won’t really make a living from that.

10,000? Now we’re talking!$200 a day is not bad. (Though remember, we’re being nice here so you’ll probably earn less than this, but $100 a day is not bad.)

Hey, With 2 Billion People Online, That’s Not So Hard To Achieve, Right?


Why in the world would so many people visit your site? Why in the world would ANYONE visit your site?computer-guy

Because you’re offering quality answers to their search term inquiries, of course.

But that’s not all. Oh no, that’s not all.

In order for people to find your website, you’ll have te be at least among the first few pages of Google on any given search term. That will really depend on the quality of your content, and how it compares to other websites also talking about that particular search term.

In order to actually get 10,000 people a day visiting your site, you’ll really have to put in months, if not YEARS, of hard work, targeting enough search terms and writing out quality content.

Hey, but what if I do THIS???

  • What if I click on my own ads?(Hee,hee, hee!)
  • Okay, that’s probably illegal, but what if all my friends and family click on them to help me out?
  • What if I actually get paid traffic to my site,(there are companies that do this,) and hopefully earn more than what I’m paying?
  • What if I stuff 10-20 ads on each page; certainly more people will click on them?

Well, these are all against Google’s terms of service.

You cannot tell your friends to click on your ads, and you can certainly not click on them yourself.

You cannot get paid traffic to your site with Google Adsense, and you may only have 3 ads on each page.

Aha, you say, now how in the world would Google know?

Well, obviously, Google will know as they are always collecting precise data on all websites.

They will DEACTIVATE your account if they detect you clicking on your own ads from your own computer. Same if any given person is suddenly clicking a lot on your ads.

So Is This Worth It?

Not if you’re looking for some quick extra cash. However, if you’re willing to look ahead, and you’re willing to put in a lot of work, on the side, so that in a few years from now you’ll be earning nice money, then yes, Google Adsense is an option.

You’ll have to have perseverance and keep set on your goals.


There’s Something Much Better…

What if instead of making twenty, fifty, or a hundred cents per 100 visitors, you could actually make twenty, fifty, or a hundred DOLLARS?

Is that possible???

The answer is yes, it is, through what’s known as affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is basically when you promote a product on your website by giving it a positive review, after which if someone searching for such a product review goes ahead and buys it because of you, you can actually earn a 10-50 percent commission.

Actually, once you’re doing that on your website, you can certainly add Adsense as well.

There are many training platforms for people interested in affiliate marketing, with the best one in the industry by far being Wealthy Affiliate.

You can read more about both affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate over here.

I hope all this made sense, and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below, and I’ll be glad to respond.

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