How to Earn Money from Writing Job Boards

There are many freelance writers out there who want to write and blog for other websites and earn nice money on the side. However, they do not know where and how to go about doing this.

They Start Out at a Content Mill and Then Get Stuck

Some of these writers end up writing for a content mill such as news-paper-classifieds-1503171Textbroker or iWriter. Unfortunately, at an average rate of one cent per word, these content mills fail to provide someone with a reasonable wage.

Some writers start out at content mills to “gain some writing experience,” but then find that they are stuck at the one cent per word rate. They may go looking for a content mill that pays more, or a “good content mill,” if such a thing exists.

The truth is that there is a much better way to go about writing online. If you have some writing experience (perhaps you operate your own blog) and you have a solid writing style, you should aim for something better.

Start Browsing Job Boards

There are many job boards out there. These job boards have job postings of all sorts, and they include indeed, Career Builder, and Craigslist. (Just know that Craigslist has a lot of scams.) They also have writing jobs. However, I will now focus on writing job boards.

These job boards are updated often and have postings from individual companies and websites who are looking for writers and bloggers.  Unlike UpWork, Freelancer, Freelance etc, where everything is handled “in the system,” or within the UpWork etc website, these people want to work directly with you!

Sometimes, they will state their pay rates. Other times, they want you to tell them your pay rates. Sometimes, they require a certain amount of experience. Other times, they state that they are looking for entry level writers. They may require a resume and a sample of your previous writing and they may not.

Whatever the case, you contact them, and if you keep contacting these people, you will probably eventually land a job.

There are tons of writers browsing these boards, so make sure to send a convincing email about why you should be hired.

Here are Some Writing Job Boards (Just Google Them)

Some of these sites are:

  • The ProBlogger Job Board
  • The BloggerPro Job Board
  • Be A Freelance Blogger Job Board
  • All Indie Writers Job Board
  • Freelance Writing Jobs (FWJ)
  • Morning Coffee Writing Jobs Newsletter


You can also set up your own blog and earn money. To learn how click here.


  1. Maria

    Thank you thank you for telling us of some legitimate job boards we can check out as writers. This is very helpful and I’ve been looking for something where I don’t have to compete with people who are willing to charge $1 to write 10,000 words! I think it’s tough and I hope that I get some good stuff from these boards! Thanks again.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yes, that’s the problem with sites such as UpWork and Freelancer — no matter how low you go, there will always be an overseas writer offering services for much lower.


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