How to Get Free Traffic — Cash Blurbs Review

What is Cash Blurbs? How can you use it to get free traffic and advertising? Read this Cash Blurbs review to find out!cash blurbs review

What It Is

Cash Blurbs was created by Brian Winters as a way for internet marketers and website owners to get free traffic and exposure. Realizing that many people can not afford to pay exorbitant fees for advertising purposes, he created a system where members simply advertise for each other for free. You advertise for me, and I advertise for you.

How It Works

cash blurbs reviewYou can sign up to Cash Blurbs for free. You will see a list of text ads, for example, “Want to make money online? Click here!”. First, you must copy the ad at the top of the list and post it to your Facebook or Twitter account. You can then add your own ad to the list, which in turn will be shared on the next person’s Twitter or Facebook account. Free members can add ten ads a day, while premium members can add an ad every twenty minutes. For every ad that you add, you must first share someone else’s ad.

Officially, they require you to have at least 75 followers or friends on social media, though they also say that you can start off with less and work to get 75 followers in the course of your first month.

You can also make your ad a “featured ad” by viewing three offers. Your featured ad will be posted to the top of the list again when it gets pushed to the second page, but it will still only get shared once.

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So, Is Cash Blurbs Legit? Can It Really Be True?

Yes, Cash Blurbs is legit. However, it’s not for everyone. For every ad that you share, you will only get to add one of your own ads. Each ad only gets shared once, because after it is shared once it gets pushed down the list – only the ad at the top of the list gets shared by the next person.

This means that in order to reach a lot of people, you will have to post many ads on your social media page. That is a little risky, because you can annoy many of your friends and followers by posting all those promoted tweets each day. Some may even choose to unfollow you.

Most people on Cash Blurbs have reasonable followings on social media, and many have over a thousand followers or even several thousand followers. However, some people have deserted social media accounts, and there’s no real way to monitor if someone really has over 75 followers. Another problem is that although the system doesn’t let you make an ad until you click the “post” button to post someone else’s ad, the system can’t really tell what’s going on in each person’s social media account, and the system can’t tell if someone posts an ad and immediately deletes it. (You can check each person’s social media account , as it is listed together with their ad.)

(Another thing to keep in mind is that according to FTC disclosure laws, you must add the word “Ad” or “#ad” in both your own ads and other people’s ads that you post to your own social media.)

However, there are thousands of people who do use Cash Blurbs and seem to enjoy it. So if you really need exposure and don’t have the money to pay for it, and you don’t mind posting lots of promoted tweets on your social media, then Cash Blurbs is for you.

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  1. Italian Brave Heart

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for making us aware of some other less expensive ways of generating free traffic. I don’t think this is for me however. I have this thing about using ads. That’s is just me and although its not for me it doesn’t mean that this is not a viable option for others. I thin the having to post many ads is a bit problematic. How do you overcome this?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey, you’re right– it is a problem, which is why I don’t really use CashBlurbs. However, some people don’t really care about their Facebook or Twitter account and are willing to do that.

  2. Brendan

    I don’t think this is for me

  3. Marty

    Cash blurbs is an interesting concept as I can’t afford big ad campaigns. It does seem to be a little unwieldy as it is hard ti verify what people do with your ad.I am concerned about hammering my friends with ads,especially on my FB account. I will keep Cash blurb in mind as I look for ways to get more traffic.


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