How To Increase Website Conversion – 3 Simple Tips

ordinateur-de-bureau-pc-1456070535WEHHaving website traffic is not enough. If your website is not producing conversions, you haven’t yet reached your goal. But conversion rate optimization for websites can be frustrating to some. Here are some useful tips to help catapult your conversions.

1: Proper pop-up forms. Many people utilize pop-up forms to get people to either sign up for a service or to an email list or to buy a product. But people get turned away from in-the-face pop-up screens that block their view immediately upon entering a page. This is especially true on small-screen mobile devices, where it could be quite difficult to close these pop-ups. Many people have short attention spans online and will simply leave such a web page. A simple way to circumvent this problem is to wait an extra 10-15 seconds before having the pop-up appear, at which point the reader would have already read or scanned some of the material and will be more inclined to stay.

2: Proper advertising. In-the-face pop-up advertisements and videos that start playing loudly also tend to turn people off. Try to make your ads as least in-the-face as possible, while still making sure your visitors see them.

3: Proper call-to-actions. People will be more inclined to follow a call-to-action if it comes from a trusted source. You can be that trusted source if you offer your visitors the information that they were seeking in a fun and interesting way before you include a call-to-action.

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  1. Alex

    Great article. I have learned that videos work better then ebooks for lead gen. To be honest Ebooks don’t interest me at all anymore. I think the majority of people online are lazy and want something much easier to take in like a video. I think the best bet would to offer a mini series of some sort in exchange for an email address. What do you think?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      I think it’s a great idea! Who has patience to read a hundred page eBook these days? Right on target! But the videos should be short and sweet, too.

  2. Michel

    Thanks for the great advice. I like the idea of a pop up only coming up after you have read a bit of the content. In this way, you are more inclined to stay on the page, as something in the content may have interested you.

    I also agree that ads and videos that play straight away can put people off, as many are trying to save their data and will immediately close the page.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Right on! I personally have a limited data plan, and I immediately leave the page when those videos start playing. They just suck up so much data.

  3. Jovo

    Hi Ben, I wonder if there is anybody who really can stand those pop ups. Regardless when you activate it, immediately or after 15 seconds it is annoying. I can assure you I shall not stay on your site, or if I stay the first thing what I look for when this annoying thing appears is to look for that X sign. So I am really puzzled, I see them everywhere, cannot that they work because nobody likes them. Or is it just me?

    About call to action, where do you normally put it, at the beginning or closer to the end, or both ways? Thank you for your text.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yeah, those annoying pop ups really get on my nerves. People do it because they don’t realize how much it turns people off and annoys them. They do bring in results, but my personal opinion is that it’s not worth it unless done in a way that least annoys people, like after giving them a chance to read about what they were looking for — at least thirty seconds.

      A call to action will depend on each situation. A business website will want to put it in a clear way at the top of a page, while a blogger would generally put it on the bottom, so that the reader first sees what it’s all about.


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