How To Use Keywords For Your Website


cooltext201013856435079 (1)So you’ve heard that “you must use keywords for your website.” But what are keywords? How do you get them? And most importantly, how do you use them for your website? This four-part article will tell you all that you need to know about the right keywords to use and the correct way to go about using them.

Keywords- A Brief Overview

When someone conducts a Google search, they use keywords. Any Google search term is a “keyword.” Why does this have anything to do with you, the website owner? Because Google will bring up websites that are most relevant to the search term that is being used, and by using that search term, or keyword on your website your website has a higher chance of being the one Google brings up first, or, at least, one of the websites on the first page of the search results.

This, quite simply, means that your website will attract visitors, or traffic. Visitors = Revenue. Without using keywords you have a lesser chance of attracting visitors because you are not targeting any specific keyword. In other words, you are not targeting any specific segment of Google searchers.

What Comes Next

Okay, so you know you must use keywords. But how do you find keywords? How will you know whether people are actually using any particular search term? And how exactly do you use these keywords on your website? That will come in Part 2.

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