How To Use Keywords For Your Website Part 2

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The first thing you must know about choosing which keywords to use is that simple one-word or two-word keywords just won’t make the fit. Imagine you have an online clothing store and you want to blog about blue shirts. Or you run a political blog and you are thinking about using the keywords “Barack Obama” or “Donald Trump.” Using these keywords will do nothing for your website. Why? Because although many, many people search Google for results relating to these keywords, your blog has no chance of being anywhere near the first ten pages of Google’s search results, let alone the first page. Instead, sites such as Amazon, Wikipedia and CNN dominate the results for such keywords.

Since that is the case, you must concentrate your efforts on keywords that are somewhat longer and more defined, such as “Barack Obama birthday.” These are also called long-tail keywords. As we will see, although this keyword does not receive as many monthly searches as the previous ones do, it has much less competition, which means that if you have a website that offers quality content you actually have a chance of attracting visitors by using that keyword.

So how do you find out about these lesser-known keywords? The answer is simple. Google offers you search suggestions based on what is popular at the present time, and you can use them to your benefit. Let’s take a look at what Google suggests as possible keywords relating to Barack Obama:


We can actually go through all the letters of the alphabet and discover many keywords:

Let’s try A:


Now for B:


I will save you the monotony of my going through each letter from a-z and then going through aa-az, ba-bz, ca-cz etc. But you get the point. The question now arises: Which keyword should I use? How do I know how many people are searching Google using any particular keyword per month? And most importantly, how will I know who and how big my competition is? That will come in Part 3.

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