How To Use Keywords For Your Website – Part 4

cooltext201013856435079 (1)So now you have your keyword and you are ready to use it in your blog post. This part is the simplest and the most straightforward: Simply use the keyword in your blog post’s title and once more in the first paragraph. You can also sprinkle it in a few more times throughout your blog post.

You don’t need to do more. Although in the early days of Google a website’s page rank was determined by a number of times a keyword was used in an article, not-so-recent updates have already changed that, and using a keyword excessively will only cause Google to mark your website as spam.

Keyword stuffing (If you are looking for gold military watches and want to find a place you can buy gold military watches then check out our online store of gold military watches which offers a wide variety of all types of gold military watches…) will just damage your website.

That’s the gist of using keywords for your website. If you have any questions you can leave them below.

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