Is American Consumer Opinion Legit or a Scam?

american consumer opinion scamIs American Consumer Opinion legit? Or is American Consumer Opinion a scam? Can you really make money taking surveys from this company?

American Consumer Opinion — What It Is

What is American Consumer Opinion? It sure has an authoritative name.

Well, American Consumer Opinion is a company, owned by Decision Analyst Inc, that pays people to take surveys. It’s been around for a pretty long time — it has been around since 1986 when they used to send people surveys in the mail and via telephone. They’ve also been doing online surveys since the early days of the internet — since 1996.

It’s easy to sign up and take surveys, and you can sign up no matter where in the world you live. After signing up, you will be sent new surveys from time to time. Most surveys take around 15 minutes to complete.

(Although American Consumer Opinion is legit, it is not one of my recommended programs. Read further to find out why.)

How Much Can You Earn With American Consumer Opinion?

Don’t expect to earn a lot of money by taking surveys online. It just doesn’t work that way; if they offered you pay rates similar to a real job nobody would ever go to work and everyone would spend their time taking surveys. Expect to earn at a rate of a few dollars an hour.

american consumer opinion legitOf course, surveys are only available from time to time. That means you can earn a dollar here, fifty cents there, and $1.75 over there. However, you need at least $10 to cash out. Each time you earn a survey you will earn points. Once you have 10,000 points, you can cash out for $10 to your Paypal account or some other gift card.

Sometimes, you won’t get the points right after completing the survey. Points can sometimes be in “pending” mode for a few weeks until all survey results from everyone who took that survey are counted

Even when you do reach 10,000 points, it can take up to six weeks in order to actually get paid. And here’s where the problems start. Although American Consumer Opinion is a totally legit company, as evidenced by the fact that they have an A- rating with the BBB and that they have been around for over 30 years, they oftentimes can’t seem to be able to control their payment systems.

Just take a look at the almost 200 complaints filed with the BBB against American Consumer Opinion. People have reported waiting months and never receiving their payment. The reason why American Consumer Opinion has such as high BBB rating is because they always respond to complaints and pay the complainers right away.

American Consumer Opinion claims that they have had technical problems with their payment system, and that is what kept on causing the delays.

They have also actually sat down with the BBB and explained the entire process of taking surveys, earning money, and the reasons payments were delayed.

So, Is American Consumer Opinion Legit? Can It Really Be True?

Yes, American Consumer Opinion is legit. It has been around for over three decades, is BBB-accredited, has a good rating with the BBB, and has an excellent track record of responding to and resolving complaints. You can feel safe signing up to this company.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a way to make a lot of money online, this is not the place to go. It’s fine for making some extra pocket cash from time to time and earning a ten-dollar bill a few times a year. But don’t expect more than that. Also be prepared to wait a long time to get your payment.

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  1. Grace

    Thanks for this review, I was wondering to sign up with them or not. I think I’ll stick to better programs. Appreciate your help and showing us what American Consumer Opinion is all about.

  2. Dan

    I have done a few surveys online and some have been more successful than others in terms of payment. One in particular was regarding automobile websites and I was paid almost immediately! 20 euro as well!!!

    But I’m glad I read this article. I really never had the belief in these ‘make a decent salary from home completing surveys’ lark. I may have the time but not the desire nor the strength in my wrists to keep clicking the mouse.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Dan,

      Yes, taking surveys online is always an annoying and frustrating experience, in my personal opinion.
      20 Euro for a survey is, of course, not the norm. It is possible once in a while to earn well from a survey, but usually you will be wasting your time.

  3. JChrisA

    I agree with your assessment. The survey companies in general are legit…legitimately there to profit from unsuspecting people who think it is possible, or even reasonable, to be able to make decent money online by simply answering a few questions.

    You can make more money flipping hamburgers at the drive-thru (based on what people actually make per hour of work). Yes, if it were something you could do while doing other things online, then maybe it might be worth something, but it really isn’t.

    It may not be a scam, but it is a sham! Anybody’s and everybody’s time is worth more than a dollar and hour!

    Thanks for exposing this for what it is.


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